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Talk about the
Sex and the City
Sex and the City

Today in the Fun Easy English classroom you are going to begin Love and Relationship Month, talking about the Sex and the City movie. Yeah this movie came out awhile ago but it is still a good representation of relationships in America. Study this lesson with someone you love and wait for the fireworks to go off. lol.
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Video: Sex and the City
Video Script: Sex and the City

Hi. In the classroom today you will learn a few facts about the Sex and the City movie.

Sex and the City is a 2008 American romantic comedy.

The film is an adaptation of the HBO comedy series of the same name.

The HBO comedy series is based on the novel of the same name by Candace Bushnell.

The movie is about four female friends dealing with their lives as 40-something year olds in New York City.

The movie and comedy series contain discussions about romance and sexuality.

The world premiere took place in London on May 12th, 2008, and premiered on May 30th, 2008 in the United States.

The movie was filmed in New York between September and December 2007.

The filming locations included a number of places around Manhattan, New York.

Filming of the movie was continually interrupted by paparazzi and onlookers.

Efforts were taken in order to keep the plot of the film in secrecy, including filming multiple endings.

Many people had strong opinions about the movie.

What do you think of the Sex and the City movie?

Until next time.
Video: Sex and the City Movie Trailer
Sex and the City. A 2008 American romantic comedy. The movie is about four female friends dealing with their lives as 40-something year olds in New York City. The movie contains discussions about romance and sexuality. The following video was a trailer (preview) for the movie. Try to understand as much of the movie trailer as possible. Use a dictionary to look up words you do not understand.
From YOUR Teacher: Sex and the City Movie (a funny story)

Many years ago I decided to take my girlfriend Akiko, who is now my wife, to a local shopping mall in San Diego, California to see the Sex and the City movie. This seemed like the perfect date movie and I was sure there would be a lot of couples there. As it turned out I was pretty much the only guy who showed up. A bit embarrassing but received tons of nice comments from the other ladies who were in line to see the show.
Survey: What do you think of the Sex and the City movie?

The movie, Sex and the City, is one of those movies people really either like or hate.
Decide if you like the movie on the survey below.
Additional Lessons
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The following classroom lessons are great for students who want additional conversation, listening, and reading practice.
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Conversation Lesson 34 - What Will I Do?
(Beginner - Conversation, Listening, Reading)

In this lesson Anna wants to go to a Halloween party. But she needs a costume. Will her friend Genie help her find the right one?
Lesson Video

Watch the video and then do the activities on this page.
Video Script

Anna: Hello! Halloween is very popular in the United States.
Anna: Children trick-or-treat. They ask people for candy. Children and adults wear costumes and go to parties!
Anna: In fact, there is a Halloween party tonight. I need my friend, Genie. Genie!
Anna: Hi!
Genie: Hi, Anna! What do you need?
Anna: Tonight, there is a Halloween party.
Genie: I love Halloween! Are you going?
Anna: I might go. I might not go. I don’t have a costume. Can you help me?
Genie: Dress as a genie!
Anna: Great idea! I can do a genie trick like read minds!
Genie: Anna, be careful. Things might go wrong.
Anna: What can go wrong?
Genie: Okay.
Anna: Hey, look! I’m a genie! This is going to be fun!
Genie: Remember, Anna. Be careful!
Anna: Don’t worry, Genie! I will!
Rebecca: Excuse me, are you really a mind reader?
Anna: I might be.
Rebecca: Okay, tell me what I am thinking.
Anna: Sure! First, what do you do?
Rebecca: I study. I'm a junior in college.
Anna: What do you study?
Rebecca: I study journalism.
Anna: Okay. Wait. You are thinking … you will graduate from college in about one year.
Rebecca: Well, yeah. That’s the plan. I told you, I’m a junior in college.
Anna: Right, um, wait. There’s more. You are thinking … you might get a job writing the news.
Rebecca: I MIGHT get a job writing the news? I MIGHT! That means I might not. And I'm studying really hard.
Anna: No, no, no, no. Uh, no, you will! You WILL get a job writing the news.
Rebecca: I will?
Anna: You will.
Rebecca: I will. I think.
Anna: 'Bye. Happy to help!
Kaveh: Can you really read minds?
Anna: I might.
Kaveh: Well, today, I will ask my girlfriend to marry me. What am I thinking?
Anna: Wait. Wait, you are thinking ... you might have a wedding very soon!
Kaveh: Might? MIGHT? She won’t say "no," will she?
Anna: No, no! She WILL say “yes”!
Kaveh: I will have a wedding, won’t I?
Anna: You will. You will!
Kaveh: Thanks. I think.
Anna: Good luck!
Anna: This is hard. Genie! Genie!
Genie: Anna, what’s wrong?
Anna: I don’t want to be a genie for Halloween. I might not go to the party.
Genie: Of course you will go. I have another costume for you!
Anna: I’m a rock star! You read my mind!
Genie: No. You told me you like rock music.
Anna: Oh, right. Well, I love it!
Genie: Have fun, Anna!
Anna: Thanks, Genie!!
Anna: I am ready for the Halloween party! But I am not going to read minds. I might play some rock music! Or I might not. Until next time …

Now practice listening to only the audio portion of the conversation.

Learn the new words for this lesson. Then, learn how to talk about the future in two ways. You can use the modal verb "will" or the modal verb "might."

Use this video to learn a stress pattern to show strong emotion with the modal "might."
New Words
  • candy - n. a sweet food made with sugar or chocolate
  • college - n. school that offers courses leading to a degree (such as a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree)
  • costume - n. the clothes that are worn by someone (such as an actor) who is trying to look like a different person or thing
  • dress - v. to put clothes on (yourself or someone else)
  • girlfriend - n. a woman with whom someone is having a romantic relationship
  • graduate - v. to earn a degree or diploma from a school, college, or university
  • Halloween - n. the night of October 31 when children dress up as ghosts, witches or monsters, and go to houses to ask for candy
  • journalism - n. the activity or job of collecting, writing, and editing news stories for newspapers, magazines, television, or radio
  • junior - n. US: a student in the third of four years in a high school or college
  • marry - v. to become the husband or wife of (someone) or to become joined with (someone) in marriage
  • might - modal. used to say that something is possible
  • mind - n. the part of a person that thinks, reasons, feels, and remembers
  • rock star - n. a person who plays a kind of popular music with a strong beat that is played on instruments that are made louder electronically
  • think - v. to form or have (a particular thought) in your mind
  • trick - n. something that causes confusion or that makes something seem different from what it actually is
  • trick-or-treat - expression. a custom on Halloween in which children knock on people's doors and say “trick or treat” when the doors are opened to ask for candy
  • wedding - n. a ceremony at which two people are married to each other

What do you think about your future? Where might you live and work in five years? What might happen in your life? Write about it in the Facebook Comments section below. Then practice talking about the important things that happen in our lives. Click lesson activity to get the printable PDF version. The page opens to a new window.
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