Fun Easy English January Classroom
Happy New Year

Welcome to the Fun Easy English classroom. Begin with the January 1 lesson and then continue on through the calendar every day. At the end of the year you will see a dramatic improvement in your English ability. Make this the year you become the master of the English language.
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January Classroom Schedule
Date Main Lessons Additional Lessons
January 1 New Years resolutions: Lose Weight Welcome!
January 2 Vocabulary: drunk, hangover Hello, I'm Anna!
January 3 Should English be the world language? I'm Here!
January 4 Why are you studying English? What Is It?
January 5 What do you like about English? Where Are You?
January 6 What do you hate about English? Where Is the Gym?
January 7 Grammar: introduction What Are You Doing?
January 8 Pronunciation: introduction Are You Busy?
January 9 Reductions: introduction Is It Cold?
January 10 Grammar: nouns Come Over to My Place
January 11 Alphabet writing: introduction This Is My Neighborhood
January 12 Pronunciation: lesson 1 Meet My Family
January 13 Grammar: pronouns Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!
January 14 Reductions: whassup How About This?
January 15 Ways to study English I Love People-Watching!
January 16 Pronunciation: lesson 2 Where Are You From?
January 17 Vocabulary: freedom of speech Are You Free on Friday?
January 18 American vs. British English She Always Does That
January 19 Slang: introduction When Do I Start?
January 20 Pronunciation: lesson 3 What Can You Do?
January 21 Vocabulary: activities Can You Come to the Party?
January 22 Grammar: verbs Next Summer...
January 23 Grammar: adverbs What Do You Want?
January 24 Alphabet writing: letter A Yesterday Was Amazing!
January 25 Idioms: introduction Watch Out!
January 26 Vocabulary: American football This Game Is Fun!
January 27 Vocabulary: sports I Can't Come In
January 28 Alphabet writing: letter B I Passed It!
January 29 Grammar: adjectives A Long Time Ago
January 30 Grammar: prepositions Rolling on the River
January 31 Reductions: whatsiz and whatser Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Holiday Reading Comprehension Lessons

Read about some of the many holidays occurring this year. Each holiday has a reading comprehension test to check your English language reading ability. Visit the reading pages for holidays lessons and many more Fun Easy English reading lessons including conversation practice, stuff about America, interesting stories and even a little bit of science.
From YOUR Teacher: Please Post YOUR Comments

Please post YOUR comments at the bottom of every classroom page. This is good writing, grammar, and vocabulary practice. In addition, your comments are good reading, grammar, and vocabulary practice for other students. Thanks.
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Avoid Ineffective Study Methods. An audio lesson to help you study English more effectively. The English is spoken at 75% of normal speed. Great English study tips.
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