American English Study Introduction

This is a new section of Fun Easy English as of February 2019. This study section focuses on ways to improve your methods of studying English and specific topics not covered in other sections of Fun Easy English. Lessons will be added throughout this month. Please return often for updates. Thanks for visiting this site.
Key to Lessons
§ - includes a written script of the lesson
² - includes an audio version of the lesson
¹ - includes a related video
§² Disagreements in Everyday Conversation
§² Disagreements in Everyday Conversation, Part Two
§² Do You Know What an Indirect Question Is?
§² Expletives Are Not Always Bad Words
§² Forming Questions, Part 1: Subject Questions
§² Forming Questions, Part 2: Yes or No Questions
§² Can You Catch These Native Speaker Mistakes?
§²¹ Commonly Confused Words: Part One
§²¹ Commonly Confused Words: Part Two
§²¹ Are You How You Talk?
§² Improve Your Pronunciation by Training Your Ears
Study Tips
§² Avoid Ineffective Study Methods
§² Improve Your Long-Term Memory by Spacing Practice
§² Common Transition Words
§² Contronyms Are 'Literally' The Best
§²¹ Academic Writing: Common Patterns, Part One
§² Academic Writing: Common Patterns, Part Two