Flashcards 4 Kids - Introduction
Flashcards 4 Kids - Introduction

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Flashcards 4 Kids - General
Alphabet - simple flashcards for learning ABCs
Animals - get to know a few of your animal friends
Colors - an easy way to learn basic colors
Fruits - a few of the more common fruits
Insects - a bunch of creepy bugs
Solar System - visit our neighbors in outer space
Time - Analog Full Hour
Time - Digital Full Hour
Time - Military Full Hour
Vegetables - a group of really tasty stuff
Weather - something that effects people every day
Flashcards 4 Kids - Numbers
Numbers - learn to count from 1-10
Numbers - learn to count from 11-20
Numbers - learn to count from 21-30
Numbers - learn to count from 31-40
Numbers - learn to count from 41-50
Numbers - learn to count from 51-60
Numbers - learn to count from 61-70
Numbers - learn to count from 71-80
Numbers - learn to count from 81-90
Numbers - learn to count from 91-100
Numbers - learn to count from 1-100
Flashcards 4 Kids - Mathematics
Addition - One Plus Number
Addition - Two Plus Number
Addition - Three Plus Number
Addition - Four Plus Number
Addition - Five Plus Number
Addition - Six Plus Number
Addition - Seven Plus Number
Addition - Eight Plus Number
Addition - Nine Plus Number
Addition - Ten Plus Number
Counting - 1-10
Division - Positive Integers
Multiplication - One Times Number
Multiplication - Two Times Number
Multiplication - Three Times Number
Multiplication - Four Times Number
Multiplication - Five Times Number
Multiplication - Six Times Number
Multiplication - Seven Times Number
Multiplication - Eight Times Number
Multiplication - Nine Times Number
Multiplication - Ten Times Number
Subtraction - One Minus Number
Subtraction - Two Minus Number
Subtraction - Three Minus Number
Subtraction - Four Minus Number
Subtraction - Five Minus Number
Subtraction - Six Minus Number
Subtraction - Seven Minus Number
Subtraction - Eight Minus Number
Subtraction - Nine Minus Number
Subtraction - Ten Minus Number
Subtraction - Zero and Positive Integers