Fun Easy English May Classroom
Heading Towards Summer

Temperatures continue to get at least in the northern hemisphere of the planet. lol. A nice time to go outside and bring the Fun Easy English classroom along with you. This month in the classroom grammar focuses mainly on articles and verbs. Pronunciation lessons include the last few vowels sounds. And of course you will be learning some new slang, idioms, and reductions.
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May Classroom Schedule
Date Main Lessons Additional Lessons
May 1 Grammar: articles Arrival Time
May 2 Grammar: definite articles After the Game
May 3 Grammar: indefinite articles Going for a Walk
May 4 Grammar: ditransitive verbs What’s for Dinner?
May 5 Reductions: howarya Academy Awards
May 6 Slang: letter G At the Hotel
May 7 Grammar: dynamic verbs After the Movie
May 8 Pronunciation: lesson 16 At the Bank
May 9 Slang: letter H Discussing a News Story
May 10 Grammar: finite verbs Talking It Over
May 11 Words You Should Know: Letter D Weekend Plans
May 12 Pronunciation: lesson 17 Dinner Invitation
May 13 Alphabet writing: letter J Car Insurance
May 14 Grammar: gerunds Parents’ Night Out
May 15 Idioms: letter G Discussing the Economy
May 16 Pronunciation: lesson 18 Dental Appointment
May 17 Idioms: letter H Making Plans
May 18 Reductions: howdya Neighborhood Problem
May 19 Grammar: irregular verbs Car Theft
May 20 Pronunciation: lesson 19 Getting Ready
May 21 Grammar: infinitive verbs Making a Purchase
May 22 Grammar: intransitive verbs Mail Time
May 23 Alphabet writing: letter K Bedtime
May 24 Alphabet writing: letter L Getting Something Fixed
May 25 Grammar: inchoative verbs Family Plans
May 26 Words You Should Know: Letter E Planning a Business Trip
May 27 Reductions: howjya A Short Discussion
May 28 Reductions: howujya Family Squabble
May 29 Grammar: simple past Formal Greetings
May 30 Grammar: simple present Informal Greetings and Farewells
May 31 Grammar: simple future Formal Introductions
Holiday Reading Comprehension Lessons

Read about some of the many holidays occurring this year. Each holiday has a reading comprehension test to check your English language reading ability. Visit the reading pages for holidays lessons and many more Fun Easy English reading lessons including conversation practice, stuff about America, interesting stories and even a little bit of science.
From YOUR Teacher: Please Post YOUR Comments

Please post YOUR comments at the bottom of every classroom page. This is good writing, grammar, and vocabulary practice. In addition, your comments are good reading, grammar, and vocabulary practice for other students. Thanks.
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