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Definition: Carrying developing young or eggs.
Synonyms: pregnant

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a peg too low

Dejected; in low spirits. It originally referred to pegs that were inserted into draughts to measure how much alcohol had been consumed. If the peg was low, there wasn't much alcohol left to drink.

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Myanmar Peasants' Day

The Union of Myanmar, known as Burma until 1989, is in southeast Asia; its predominant industry is agriculture. At one point, Myanmar was the biggest exporter of rice in Asia, but now their line of agricultural products is more diverse. The country could not support these agricultural activities without the peasant workers, and to show their appreciation for the peasants' contribution, the country has declared March 2 Peasants' Day. It is a national holiday. It was also on this day in 1962 that Burmese General Ne Win led the military coup. More...

Quote of the Day
I have come to have the firm conviction that vanity is the basis of everything, and finally that what one calls conscience is only inner vanity.
Gustave Flaubert

Word Trivia

Today's topic: inquiry

query, inquiry, enquiry - A query is a single question; an inquiry (or enquiry) may be a single question or extensive investigation (i.e. a series of questions). More...

inquirendo, percontation - An inquirendo or percontation is an investigation or inquiry. More...

prosecute - First meant "to follow up or pursue an inquiry or studies" or "to pursue to the end." More...

zetetic - As an adjective, it means "inquiring, investigating" and "proceeding by inquiry or investigation," or, as a noun, "inquirer." More...

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John Kerry on English

Former United States of America secretary of state John Kerry talks about why learning English is so important.
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Teacher: English is very important for your work and for your life.
Student: English is very difficult. I don't understand it. I cannot study and I'm scared.
Teacher: Calm down. English is very important for your university studies and it can help you achieve your goals.