Fun Easy English April Classroom
Getting Warmer Now

Hey time to take your pc, iphone, tablet, or whatever, outside and enjoy the sun while studying with Fun Easy English. Grammar this month focuses mainly on pronouns. Pronunciation of English vowels continues. Yup more reductions.
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April Classroom Schedule
Date Main Lessons Additional Lessons
April 1 Holiday: April Fools Day Birthdays
April 2 Words: Introduction A Crowded Theater
April 3 Grammar: relative pronouns Mistakes
April 4 Grammar: personal objective pronouns Games
April 5 Slang: letter E Health
April 6 Slang: letter F Sports
April 7 Grammar: personal possessive pronouns Asking Directions
April 8 Pronunciation: lesson 12 Coincidences
April 9 Grammar: personal subjective pronouns Safety
April 10 Grammar: reciprocal pronouns Musical Instruments
April 11 Alphabet writing: letter H Taking a Vacation
April 12 Alphabet writing: for kids Recipes
April 13 Grammar: reflexive pronouns Weather
April 14 Grammar: auxiliary verbs Having Things Done
April 15 Words You Should Know: Letter A Mailing Letters
April 16 Pronunciation: lesson 13 Animals
April 17 Pronunciation: lesson 14 Shopping
April 18 Reductions: betcha Transportation
April 19 Grammar: copula verbs Comparing
April 20 Reductions: doncha Pastimes
April 21 Idioms: letter E Weddings
April 22 Reductions: getcha Effort
April 23 Reductions: gotcha Greetings
April 24 Pronunciation: lesson 15 Early in the Morning
April 25 Alphabet writing: letter I Daily Needs
April 26 Grammar: direct objects Airport Bus
April 27 Grammar: indirect objects Making a Date
April 28 Words You Should Know: Letter B Catching a Bus
April 29 Idioms: letter F Ordering Breakfast
April 30 Words You Should Know: Letter C Near Accident
Holiday Reading Comprehension Lessons

Read about some of the many holidays occurring this year. Each holiday has a reading comprehension test to check your English language reading ability. Visit the reading pages for holidays lessons and many more Fun Easy English reading lessons including conversation practice, stuff about America, interesting stories and even a little bit of science.
From YOUR Teacher: Please Post YOUR Comments

Please post YOUR comments at the bottom of every classroom page. This is good writing, grammar, and vocabulary practice. In addition, your comments are good reading, grammar, and vocabulary practice for other students. Thanks.
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Avoid Ineffective Study Methods. An audio lesson to help you study English more effectively. The English is spoken at 75% of normal speed. Great English study tips.
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