Fun Easy English Classroom January 15


Learn some good ways
to study English
Ways to Study English

Today in the Fun Easy English classroom you are going to learn many different ways to study English. Pick whatever works for you but remember, practice makes perfect. The more you study the sooner you will improve.
Hey if you cannot understand something on this page,
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Video: Ways to Study English
Video Script: Ways to Study English

Hi. In the classroom today you will learn many good ways to study English.

The following list will give you some ideas.

Pick the study methods that work best for you.
  • Try tape recording your class or conversations in English.
  • Get involved in English related community or school activities.
  • Listen to English news programs and know current issues.
  • Listen to American television to learn more slang and idioms.
  • Listen to American radio or music to learn more slang and idioms.
  • Watch American movies to learn more slang and idioms.
  • Use a dictionary to look up words you do not understand.
  • Practice English conversation or pronunciation in a mirror.
  • Always think about what you just heard in a conversation.
  • Try to think in English as much as possible.
  • Try to get totally into the language and you will soon notice improvement.
  • Invest as much time as possible towards improving your English.
  • Ask a native speaker to tape-record their conversations.
  • Tell people when you do not understand some of the conversation.
  • Try to learn about the culture of the United States.
  • Join class discussions no matter how intimidated you feel.
  • Interrupt discussions if you do not understand something.
  • Try to talk with Americans as much as possible.
  • Try to learn as many idioms and slang as possible.
  • Don't worry too much about making mistakes.
  • Visit your local library to check out some English books.
  • Subscribe to English books or magazines.
  • Set aside time each night to read English.
  • Form an English study group with your closest friends.
  • Try mimicking intonation, stress, and rate of speech of native speakers.
  • Watch the Fun Easy English Video Lessons as much as possible.
Until next time.
From YOUR Teacher: Ways to Study English

Hey I always tell my students if you want to become a perfect English speaker you need to expose yourself to English as much as possible every day. This is easy for students studying English in America or another English speaking country. They can simply go shopping, sit at Starbucks the whole day sipping a Latte, and even make English speaking friends. Doing this exposes them to English continuously throughout the day.

This is not as easy for international students trying to learn English in their own countries. Exposure to English is limited and often there are few native English speakers, especially in the countryside. More often their only chance to practice English is in an English conversation class.

Is there a solution to this problem? Yup....Fun Easy English.

I spent many years putting this site together for anyone interested in learning the English language. Although I provide a lot of useful information and lessons, IT IS UP TO YOU to make the time to study. Follow the study suggestions above. If you cannot find time to study at least listen to English in the background while you are doing housework, cooking and eating meals, and even while you are playing with your kids. Constant exposure to English will make vocabulary, rhythm, and intonation more familiar to you.
Survey: What is your favorite way to study English?

Everyone has their favorite way to study English. Something that works for one person may not work as well for another person.
Pick your favorite way to study English on the survey below.
Additional Lessons
About These Lessons

The following classroom lessons are great for students who want additional conversation, listening, and reading practice.
  • Conversation Lesson - Beginner Level. Let's Learn English conversation lesson with a conversation video, a video script, audio listening practice, video speaking practice, video pronunciation practice, a new words section, and a writing activity.
Conversation Lesson 15 - I Love People-Watching!
(Beginner - Conversation, Listening, Reading)

In this lesson Anna and her friends are eating lunch outside on a beautiful day in Washington, DC. They are people-watching. They like seeing the many different people walking by.
Lesson Video

Watch the video and then do the activities on this page.
Video Script

Anna: Hello! People from all over the world come to Washington, D.C. When I’m at work, I love eating lunch outside. I like to watch people walking by. They all look very different. Today, my friend Ashley is eating lunch with me.
Anna: Ashley, today the weather is beautiful, isn’t it?
Ashley: Yes, it is. Ahh. Ooh, we have to return to work!
Anna: No, we have time! Let’s people-watch a little more.
Ashley: Okay.
Anna: Oh, I know her. She works in my office! Keyana, hi! Come and join us!
Keyana: Hi Anna, how are you?
Anna: I’m doing great! Keyana, this is my friend Ashley.
Keyana: Hi, Ashley!
Anna: We need to return to work. But the weather is beautiful and people-watching is fun!
Keyana: I love people-watching too!
Anna: Well, have a seat! It is fun to see how people are different or the same.
Keyana: It is. For example, Anna, you are tall. But Ashley and I are short.
Anna: And Keyana, you and Ashley have brown eyes; I have blue eyes.
Keyana: You two have light skin and I have dark skin.
Anna: Ashley, you have straight hair. Keyana and I have curly hair.
Ashley: You have very curly hair, Anna.
Keyana: I need to return to work. See you, Anna! Nice to meet you Ashley!
Ashley: Bye, Keyana!
Ashley: Anna, I have to go, too. Are you returning to work?
Anna: I still have time. And this sun feels so good!
Ashley: Um, Anna, what does your boss look like?
Anna: She is short. She has straight, light hair.
Ashley: Does she wear glasses?
Anna: Yes. Yes, she does.
Ashley: Is she wearing a blue sweater today?
Anna: How do you know that?
Ashley: She’s coming this way.
Anna: Oh no! Hide me!
Ashley: Um, bye, Anna. Call me later.
Anna: Bye, Ashley! Talk to you later!
Caty: Anna? Is that you?
Anna: Ms. Weaver! Hi!
Caty: What are you doing behind that bench?
Anna: I am looking for my, my … stick. Here it is.
Anna: I am people-watching. Oh! But it’s time to return to work!
Caty: No need to hurry. I love people-watching too! Let’s sit!
Anna: Sure! Ahh.
Caty: It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?
Anna: Yes. Yes, it is, Ms. Weaver.
Anna: People-watching in D.C. is fun. It makes me forget the time!
Anna: Until next time! Ahh.

Now practice listening to only the audio portion of the conversation.

In this video, you can learn to say the new words. Learn about the sounds English speakers make to show they are happy.

In this video, you ​learn about how to make tag questions. These are the short questions at the end of a sentences, as you hear in the video, "It's a beautiful day, isn't it?"
New Words
  • bench - n. a long and usually hard seat for two or more people
  • blue - adj. having the color of the clear sky
  • brown - adj. having a color like coffee or chocolate
  • curly - adj. formed into a round shape
  • dark - adj. of a person's hair, eyes, skin, etc.: black or brown in color
  • eyes - n. the part of the body that you see with
  • forget - n. to be unable to think of or remember (something)
  • glasses - n. a pair of glass or plastic lenses set into a frame and worn over the eyes to help a person see
  • hair - n. a thin threadlike growth from the skin of a person or animal
  • hide - v. to put (something) in a place where it cannot be seen or found
  • join - v. to come together with (something or someone)
  • light - adj. not dark or deep in color; pale
  • like - prep. similar to
  • look like - idiom to have an appearance that is very similar to (someone or something)
  • people-watch - v. to spend time idly observing people in a public place.
  • seat - n. something (such as a chair) that you sit on : a place for sitting
  • have a seat - idiom a polite invitation to sit down.
  • short - adj. having little height; not tall
  • skin - n. the natural outer layer of tissue that covers the body of a person or animal
  • stick - n. a cut or broken branch or twig
  • straight - adj. not having curves, bends, or angles
  • tall - adj. greater in height than the average person

What do you look like? What does your friend look like? Write about it in the Facebook Comments section below. Then practice with a friend. Click lesson activity to get the printable PDF version. The page opens to a new window.
Conversation Lessons

Study all 52 English conversation lessons. Let's Learn English conversation lessons each with a conversation video, a video script, audio listening practice, video speaking practice, video pronunciation practice, a new words section, and a writing activity. These lessons are for beginners.
Source: Voice of America
Additional Information
Study Tips
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Avoid Ineffective Study Methods. An audio lesson to help you study English more effectively. The English is spoken at 75% of normal speed. Great English study tips.
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