Fun Easy English Classroom January 3


Decide if English should
be the world language
Should English be the world language?

Today in the Fun Easy English classroom you will decide if English should be the world language. Many people already think English is the world language. Watch the video below and then you decide if you think this is true.
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Video: World English
Video Script: World English

Hi. In the classroom today you will decide if English should be the world language.

Approximately 375 million people speak English as their first language.

English today is probably the third largest language by number of native speakers, after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

Modern English is the main international language in communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, radio, and diplomacy.

A basic knowledge of English has become a requirement in a number of fields, occupations, and professions.

Many people think English is already the world language.

Still others believe it will become the world language in the future.

Some people think English should not be the world language because many countries and cultures will no longer use or speak their languages.

It is difficult to know if English should be the world language.

This will be a topic of discussion for many years to come.

Should English be the world language?

Until next time.
From YOUR Teacher: My Thoughts About English

English is the most studied language in the world. As time goes on English will become even more important and a good way for people throughout the world to communicate on at least a basic level. Even though I really love the English language I also know the importance for people of different cultures to retain their identities and speak their native languages. The diversity of people, cultures, and languages is what makes this world such an interesting place.
Survey: Should English be the world language?

Many people believe English should be the world language.
Decide if English should be the world language on the survey below.
Additional Lessons
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The following classroom lessons are great for students who want additional conversation, listening, and reading practice.
  • Conversation Lesson - Beginner Level. Let's Learn English conversation lesson with a conversation video, a video script, audio listening practice, video speaking practice, video pronunciation practice, a new words section, and a writing activity.
Conversation Lesson 3 - I'm Here!
(Beginner - Conversation, Listening, Reading)

In this lesson Anna is in her new apartment. She wants to cook dinner. She tries to call Marsha for help but calls the wrong number. Marsha tells Anna the location of the supermarket.
Lesson Video

Watch the video and then do the activities on this page.
Video Script

Anna: I am in my new apartment! Great!
I live with Marsha. We’re roommates.
I want to cook dinner. Oh! Hmmm. Is there a supermarket near here?
Marsha knows. Marsha's work number is 555-8986.
Man: Hello.
Anna: Hello. Is this Marsha? It is Anna.
Man: I am sorry. You have the wrong number.
Anna: Oh. Is this 555-8986?
Man: No. This is 555-8689.
Anna: Oh. Excuse me!
Man: Okay. 'Bye.
Anna: One more time. 555-8986. Please be Marsha.
Marsha: Hello. This is Marsha.
Anna: Yes, Marsha. I want to cook dinner.
Marsha: Excuse me? Anna? Is that you?
Anna: Oh, yes. I am here!
Marsha: Good. You are there.
Anna: I want to find a supermarket.
Marsha: Oh, okay. The supermarket is at 1500 Irving Street. It is near the apartment.
Anna: Great! Goodbye!
Marsha: Goodbye, Anna.
Anna: There is a big supermarket on our street. And Marsha says I am a good cook! Until next time! Bye!

Now practice listening to only the audio portion of the conversation.

Listen to the teacher in the video. Use your computer or phone to record yourself saying the words. Use this video to practice the new words for this lesson, learn how to answer the telephone, and practice asking for someone.

Practice shortened sounds with the verb BE using this video.
New Words
  • cook - v. to prepare (food) for eating especially by using heat
  • dinner - n. the main meal of the day
  • excuse - v. to forgive someone for making a mistake or doing something wrong
  • find - v. to get or discover something or someone that you are looking for
  • here - adv. in this place or at this location
  • live - v. to have a home in a specified place
  • near - adv. close to something or someone
  • sorry - adj. feeling sorrow or regret
  • supermarket - n. a store where customers can buy a variety of foods and household items
  • there - adv. in that place or at that location
  • want - v. to desire or wish for something
  • wrong - adj. not suitable or appropriate for a particular purpose, situation, or person

Do the activity and practice writing the names and addresses of friends or classmates. Click lesson activity to get the printable PDF version. The page opens to a new window.
Conversation Lessons

Study all 52 English conversation lessons. Let's Learn English conversation lessons each with a conversation video, a video script, audio listening practice, video speaking practice, video pronunciation practice, a new words section, and a writing activity. These lessons are for beginners.
Source: Voice of America
Additional Information
Study Tips
(Beginner - Listening)

Avoid Ineffective Study Methods. An audio lesson to help you study English more effectively. The English is spoken at 75% of normal speed. Great English study tips.
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