Fun Easy English Classroom December 3


Learn American
English slang
beginning with
letter X
Slang Letter X

Today in the classroom you are going to learn some slang beginning with the letter X.
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Slang: American English Slang - Letter X

Today learn slang beginning with the letter X.
Slang Definition Usage
x the drug ecstasy She took x at the party last night.
x amount an unspecified amount He paid an x amount for his new truck.
xbox a girl who is not pretty or sexually desirable Yeah the girl he went out with last night was an xbox.
xerox an illegal copy of something She bought a xerox Rihanna CD while she was on vacation.
x factor an unknown attribute which contributes to someone's success Her x factor is the reason for her financial success.
Xian Christian He is a Xian.
Xianity Christianity He is studying Xianity.
x-ing someone under the influence of the drug ecstasy She was x-ing at the party last night.
xippie a young person who seems like and acts like a hippie Hey the xippie over there is wearing some interesting clothes.
Xmas Christmas He celebrated Xmas abroad this year.
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From YOUR Teacher: X

X, also known as the drug ecstasy, can induce euphoria, a sense of intimacy with others, diminished anxiety, and mild psychedelia. It is commonly associated with dance parties (or "raves") and electronic dance music. This drug is illegal in most countries.
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