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Learn American
English standard
acronyms beginning
with letter T
American English Standard Acronyms - Letter T

Today in the classroom you are going to learn American English standard acronyms beginning with the letter T.
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American English Standard Acronyms - Letter T

American English standard acronyms. Use the Fun Easy English dictionary for a more detailed explanation of the meaning of each acronym.
Acronym Meaning
T&C Terms & Conditions
t+ think positive
t2go Time to Go
T2UL Talk To You Later
T2UT Talk To You Tomorrow
T@YL Talk At You Later
TA Thanks Again
TABOM That's A Bunch Of Malarkey
TABOOMA Take A Bite Out Of My Ass
TAF That's All, Folks
TAFN That's All For Now
TAH Take A Hike
TAHITMOTS There's A Hole In The Middle Of The Sea
TAKS That's A Knee Slapper
TAM Thanks A Million
TAN Tanzania
TANJ There Ain't No Justice
TANSIT There's A New Sheriff In Town
TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TAP Take A Pill
Acronym Meaning
TARFU Things Are Really Fucked Up
TAS Taking A Shower
TAW Teachers Are Watching
TAYN Thinking About You Now
TB Titty Bar
TBA To Be Advised
TBC To Be Continued
TBD To Be Determined
TBE Thick Between Ears
TBH To Be Honest
TBIU The Bitch Is Ugly
TBT Throwback Thursday
TBU Thinking 'Bout You
TBYB Try Before You Buy
TC Take Care
TCB Taking Care of Business
TCB Trouble Came Back
TCOB Taking Care Of Business
TCOY Take Care Of Yourself
TD&H Tall, Dark and Handsome
TDM Too Darn Many
TDTM Talk Dirty To Me
TEOTWAWKI The End Of The World As We Know It
TF Too Funny
TFDS That's For Darn Sure
TFH Thread From Hell
TFLMS Thanks For Letting Me Share
TFM Thanks From Me
TFMIU The Fucking Manual Is Unreadable
TFN Thanks For Nothing
TFN Til Further Notice
TFS Thanks For Sharing
TFS Three Finger Salute
TFTC Thanks For The Cache
TFTC Thanks For The Cache
TFTHAOT Thanks For The Help Ahead Of Time
TFTT Thanks For The Thought
TFTU Thanks For The Update
TFX Traffic
TFYS The Fuck You Say
TG4A Thank God For Acronyms
TGA Tonga
TGAL Think Globally, Act Locally
TGGTG That Girl/Guy has Got To Go
TGIF Thank God It's Friday
THA Thailand
THX Thanks
THKS Thanks
TIA Thanks In Advance
TIAIL Think I Am In Love
TIC Tongue In Cheek
TIGAS Think I Give A Shit
TILF Teacher I'd Like to Fuck
TILII Tell It Like It Is
TIME Tears In My Eyes
TINGTES There Is No Gravity, The Earth Sucks
TINWIS That Is Not What I Said
TISC This Is So Cool
TISL This Is So Lame
TISNC This Is So Not Cool
TISNF That Is So Not Fair
TISNT That Is So Not True
TJBNJ This Job Beats No Job
TJK Tajikistan
TK To Come
TKM Turkmenistan
TKO Technical Knock Out
TKU4UK Thank You For Your Kindness
tl;dr too long; didn't read
TLA Three Letter Acronym
TLC Tender Loving Care
TLGO The List Goes On
TLITBC That's Life In The Big City
TLK2UL8R Talk To You Later
TLS Timor-Leste
TM Trust Me
TMA Too Many Acronyms
TMALSS To Make A Long Story Short
TMI Too Much Information
TMSAISTI That's My Story And I'm Sticking To It
TMSGO Too Much Shit Going On
TMTOWTDI There's More Than One Way To Do It
TNA Temporarily Not Available
TNC Tongue In Cheek
TNT Til Next Time
TNTL Trying Not To Laugh
TNX Thanks
to go nookleer to explode
TOBAL There Oughta Be A Law
TOBG This Oughta Be Good
TOG Togo
TOM Tomorrow
TOMTB Taking Off My Training Bra
TOON short for cartoon
TOPCA Til Our Paths Cross Again
TOT Tons Of Time
TOY Thinking Of You
TP Team Player
TP TelePort
TP Thanks Pal
TP Toilet Paper
TPA Tampa International Airport
TPC The Phone Company
TPE Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)
TPIYP To Put In Your Prayers
TPS That's Pretty Stupid
TPT Trailor Park Trash
TPTB The Powers That Be
TQM Total Quality Management
TRAM The Rest Are Mine
TRDMC Tears Running Down My Cheeks
tripdub www
TRNDO tornado
troo true
TRP Television Rating Points
TS Totally Stinks
TS Tough Shit
TSB Tall, Sexy, Beautiful
TSH Too Stinkin' Hot
TSIA This Says It All
TSIF Thank Science It's Friday
TSNF That's So Not Fair
TSOB Tough Son Of a Bitch
TSR Totally Stuck in RAM
TSR Totally Stupid Rules
TSRA Two Shakes of a Rat's Ass
TSTB The Sooner, The Better
TT Big Tease
TTA Tap That Ass
TTBOMK To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFN Ta Ta For Now
TTG Time to Go
TTIOT The Truth Is Out There
TTKSF Trying To Keep a Straight Face
TTO Trinidad and Tobago
TTS Text To Speech
TTT That's The Ticket
TTT Thought That Too
TTT To The Top
TTTH Talk To The Hand
TTTHTFAL Talk To The Hand The Face Ain't Listening
TTTKA Time To Totally Kick Ass
TTTT To Tell The Truth
TTUL Talk To You Later
TTYAWFN Talk To You A While From Now
TTYIAF Talk To You In A Few
TTYIAF Type To You In A Few
TTYL Talk To You Later
TTYL Type To You Later
TTYL8R Talk To You Later
TTYOB Tend To Your Own Business
TTYS Talk To You Soon
TTYT Talk To You Tomorrow
TU Toes Up (as in dead)
TUN Tunisia
TUR Turkey
TUV Tuvalu
TVM4YEM Thank You Very Much For Your E-Mail
TWD Texting While Driving
TWD Texting While Driving
TWHAB This Won't Hurt A Bit
TWHE The Walls Have Ears
TWIMC To Whom It May Concern
TWIT That's What I Thought
TWITA That's What I'm Talking About
TWIWI That Was Interesting, Wasn't It?
TWSS That's What She Said
TWTR Twitter
TWU That's What's Up
TX Thanks
TXS Thanks
TXT Text
TXT IM Text Instant Message
TXT MSG text message
TY Thank You
TYG Thank You God
TYG There You Go
TYL Text You Later
TYL Thank You Lord
TYVM Thank You Very Much
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Internet slang (Internet shorthand, Cyber-slang, netspeak, chatspeak, or translexical phonological abbreviation) refers to a variety of slang languages used by different communities on the Internet. Many people use the same abbreviations in texting and instant messaging, and social networking websites like Facebook.
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