Fun Easy English Classroom December 11


Learn American
English reduction
American English Reduction "jever"

Today in the Fun Easy English classroom you are going to learn "jever" an American English reduction.
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Reductions: "jever"

American English reductions are reduced forms of English words.
  • This American English reduction is formed when you combine and reduce the following words.
  • jever = did + you + ever
  • This American English reduction is used in the following way.
  • Jever want to be an English teacher?
  • This American English reduction has the following meaning.
  • Did you ever want to be an English teacher?
Examples: "jever"
  • Jever want to visit another country?
  • (Meaning: Did you ever want to visit another country?)
  • Jever plan to move to this city?
  • (Meaning: Did you ever plan to move to this city?)
  • Jever plan to be working at this company?
  • (Meaning: Did you ever plan to be working at this company?)
  • Jever want to go hiking in the mountains?
  • (Meaning: Did you ever want to go hiking in the mountains?)
  • Jever eat at this restaurant before?
  • (Meaning: Did you ever eat at this restaurant before?)
Fun Easy English Reductions Lessons
From YOUR Teacher: Jever

Jever is the way "Did you ever" sounds when spoken quickly. Try it yourself.
Note: Reductions

Remember the following:
  • Reductions are reduced forms of English words.
  • Reductions, such as jever are not real words in English.
  • You need to use reductions in order to sound more natural.
  • You need to know reductions in order to understand conversations between native English speakers.
  • Reductions are used extensively in American TV, movies, music, literature, and in conversations among native English speakers.
Reductions In Music and TV

The Kinks - Did ya

The Kinks are an English rock band formed in Muswell Hill, north London, in 1964 by brothers Ray and Dave Davies. They are regarded as one of the most influential rock bands of the 1960s. The band emerged during the height of British rhythm and blues and Merseybeat, and were briefly part of the British Invasion of the United States until their touring ban in 1965 (as a result of constant fighting between the brothers). Their third single, the Ray Davies-penned "You Really Got Me", became an international hit, topping the charts in the United Kingdom and reaching the Top 10 in the United States. Their music was influenced by a wide range of genres, including American R&B and rock and roll initially, and later adopting British music hall, folk, and country. They gained a reputation for reflecting English culture and lifestyle, fuelled by Ray Davies' wittily observational writing style.

This video is a good example of the usage of "jever" English language reduction.

Use a dictionary to look up words you do not understand.

Went for a walk down the old king's road,
To see if anybody was there.
But there was nobody home at 3 bywater street,
And they had sold cadogan square.
And I remember myself in my tie dye sweater,
And my hipster corduroy flares.
As I knocked on doors,
And walked down one-way streets that led nowhere.
Ah, jever think it wouldn't last forever?
Jever think that it would get this bad?
Jever think that everything would get so crazy?
Now the chelsea drug store needs a fix,
It's in a state of ill repair.
And my cuban heels are hurting my feet,
Just to add to my despair.
La-di-dahs drove mini cars in the summertime.
(in the summertime)
Now they're towed away for parking on a double yellow line,
And they can't pay the fine.
(jever think)
Jever think we'd all believe the hype?
(jever think)
Jever think the classes all would revert back to type?
(jever think)
Jever think the system ever really got it right?
Oh, baby.
They filled us full of false illusions and promiscuity,
And they led us down that class-less road to mediocrity.
As we walked down that alley way of hope,
We thought we'd found the motherload,
But we were led like lambs to that promise land,
With all the debts that we would owe.
Once trendies posed for tourist pictures in the summertime.
(in the summertime)
Not content with taking polaroids, they purchased all the property that they could find,
And I've just sold mine. (jever!)
Jever think that this green and pleasant land,
(jever think)
Would end up in the bottom of some garbage can,
(jever think)
A dustbin full of promises and half-hearted plans.
Oh, baby.
Jya, jya, jever think?
Jever think?
(in the summertime)
Now miseries and groaners moan and reminisce about the good old times and whine, whine, whine.
(jever think)
Jever think when things were really fab,
(jever think)
That we'd be looking through a dustbin for a dog-end to drag,
(jever think)
And sleep on park benches wrapped in plastic bags.
Oh, baby.
Jever think that it would get this crazy?
(jever think)
Jever think that it would get this way?
(jever think)
Jever think that we would pay the price for being lazy?
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