Fun Easy English Classroom December 13


Learn American
English reduction
American English Reduction "jev"

Today in the Fun Easy English classroom you are going to learn "jev" an American English reduction.
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Reductions: "jev"

American English reductions are reduced forms of English words.
  • This American English reduction is formed when you combine and reduce the following words.
  • jev = did + you + have
  • This American English reduction is used in the following way.
  • Jev a nice day?
  • This American English reduction has the following meaning.
  • Did you have a nice day?
Examples: "jev"
  • Jev a good sleep?
  • (Meaning: Did you have a good sleep?)
  • Jev a lot of guests?
  • (Meaning: Did you have a lot of guests?)
  • Jev a lot of problems?
  • (Meaning: Did you have a lot of problems?)
  • Jev a good talk?
  • (Meaning: Did you have a good talk?)
  • Jev a lot of ideas?
  • (Meaning: Did you have a lot of ideas?)
Fun Easy English Reductions Lessons
From YOUR Teacher: Jev

Jev is the way "Did you have" sounds when spoken quickly. Try it yourself.
Note: Reductions

Remember the following:
  • Reductions are reduced forms of English words.
  • Reductions, such as jev are not real words in English.
  • You need to use reductions in order to sound more natural.
  • You need to know reductions in order to understand conversations between native English speakers.
  • Reductions are used extensively in American TV, movies, music, literature, and in conversations among native English speakers.
Reductions In Music and TV

Fun Easy English - Reductions

This is the Fun Easy English reductions introduction video.

Hey Friends,

I really tried to find a good video for this REDUCTION.

If you know a good song, TV commercial, or movie clip with this reduction, please let me know.

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