Fun Easy English Classroom October 5


Learn American
English slang
beginning with
letter S
Slang Letter S

Today in the classroom you are going to learn some slang beginning with the letter S.
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Slang: American English Slang - Letter S

Today learn slang beginning with the letter S.
Slang Definition Usage
sack go to bed When did you hit the sack last night?
scam swindle Don't lose your money in some kind of scam.
scarf eat He plans to scarf a lot of food at the buffet.
scarf down eat He plans to scarf down a lot of food at the buffet.
schmuck stupid person What a schmuck.
scum awful person You should not associate with that kind of scum.
see ya See you See ya tomorrow then.
shades sunglasses These are an expensive pair of shades.
shot try I'll give the puzzle another shot.
silks clothes You must have bought those silks at an expensive store.
slammer jail The police threw the criminal in the slammer.
smarts intelligence She really has a lot of smarts.
smashed intoxicated Try not to get smashed at the beer party.
smoke eater fire fighter My brother is a smoke eater.
smurf brain stupid person You are acting like a smurf brain.
snookered cheated He got snookered when he bought that used car.
sofa spud lazy person He is a sofa spud.
solid good Our relationship is really solid.
solid consecutive It has been raining for eight solid days.
specs eyeglasses Those must be really expensive specs.
split  leave It's time to split and go see the movie.
spook frightened The cows were spooked by the howling of the wolves.
spot me lend me Hey, can you spot me a couple of bucks?
spuds potatoes Do you want rice or spuds for dinner?
spunk energy and determination She really has a lot of spunk.
square old fashioned My brother looks square in his jacket.
stink is not good The idea stinks.
stoned drugged He got really stoned on marijuana.
straight honest I want you to give me a straight answer.
street smart knowledgeable about city life He is really street smart.
stressed upset I am really stressed by all the recent world events.
sucker easily deceived Don't be a sucker.
sucks is awful and unacceptable This class really sucks.
More Slang
From YOUR Teacher: Shades

Shades simply means sunglasses and is often used in casual conversations among native English speakers in America. A good usage of this slang term is in the following song.
Video: Timbuk 3 "The Future's so Bright I Gotta Wear Shades"
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