Fun Easy English Classroom October 3


Learn American
English slang
beginning with
letter R
Slang Letter R

Today in the classroom you are going to learn some slang beginning with the letter R.
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Slang: American English Slang - Letter R

Today learn slang beginning with the letter R.
Slang Definition Usage
rack bed I have to hit the rack by ten or I'll be tired in the morning.
rack out sleep I am going to rack out for two hours.
racket noise There sure was a lot of racket outside last night.
racket dishonest and deceptive The drug trade is a racket.
racket occupation I really want to know your racket.
radical great I think that's a radical idea.
rag newspaper I can't believe we still get this same old rag.
rap talk We need to sit down and rap about a few things.
rank give a difficult time to Try not to rank the teacher.
rat despicable person He is such a rat.
rat hole awful place When are you going to move out of that rat hole?
raw new The raw office workers were not getting much done.
razz annoy She really likes to razz her boyfriend.
rear end buttocks He fell on his rear end.
red hot great Your idea is really red hot.
repo repossess Hey, don't repo my car. I will pay next week.
rinky dink small and not that good The circus was really rinky dink.
riot funny The comedy program was a riot.
road hog takes up a lot or room on the road That driver is a road hog.  
rocking great This party is really rocking.
rubbish lies That story is total rubbish.
rug wig Is that a rug on his head?
rule  dominate His wife likes to rule the house.
rug rat child She has a rug rat at home.
More Slang
From YOUR Teacher: Radical

This slang term is used a lot in the United States, especially in California. For example:

Surfer: Hey dude check out (take a look at) those radical waves.
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