Fun Easy English Classroom November 30


Learn American
English idioms
letter V
Idioms Letter V

Today in the classroom you are going to learn some idioms beginning with the letter V.
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Idioms: American English Idioms - Letter V

Today learn idioms beginning with the letter V.
BLUE UPPER CASE LETTERS = video and detailed written definition and usage
blue lower case letters = video definition and usage
BLACK UPPER CASE LETTERS = detailed written definition and usage
black lower case letters = brief written definition and usage
Idiom Definition Usage
very well Okay Very well, you can leave work early.
vicious circle unbroken sequence of cause and effect Drinking alcohol, becoming depressed and then drinking even more is an example of a vicious circle.
voted down defeated The election results showed the governor was voted down.
More Idioms
From YOUR Teacher: Voted down

When something is voted down it means the majority of people voting decided not to accept the proposal.
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