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Today you are going to learn about semicolons an important part of English grammar.
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Grammar: Semicolons

Definition of a semicolon.
  • A semicolon looks like this:


  • A semicolon is:
  • used to join two sentences more closely than they would be joined if separated by a period
  • Between items in a series or listing containing internal punctuation, especially parenthetic commas, where the semicolons function as serial commas:
  • Several fast food restaurants can be found within the following cities: London, England; Paris, France; Dublin, Ireland; Madrid, Spain.
  • Between closely related independent clauses not conjoined with a coordinating conjunction, when the two parts of the sentence are balanced, opposed or contradictory:
  • My wife would like tea; I would prefer coffee.
  • Between independent clauses linked with a transitional phrase or a conjunctive adverb:
  • Everyone knows he is guilty of committing the crime; of course, it will never be proven.
Semicolon Examples
  • I am alone; my wife had to leave.
  • I traveled to London, England; Tijuana, Mexico; and Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Lisa scored 2,570,845,770 points; Marcia, 2,395,312,860; and John, 1,984,726,640.
  • The people present were Jamie, who came from New Zealand; John, the milkman's son; and George, a gaunt kind of man.
  • Here are three examples of familiar sequences: one, two, and three; a, b, and c; first, second, and third.
  • She stood at the edge, deciding her course of action; changed her mind and walked home.
  • I went to the basketball court; I was told it was closed for cleaning.
  • I told Kate she's running for the hills; I wonder if she knew I was joking.
  • At the mall I bought four things; my sister bought only two things.
  • It can occur in both melodic and harmonic lines; however, it is subject to certain restraints.
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From YOUR Teacher: Semicolons

Semicolons are used throughout writing in English and are basically used to join two sentences together.
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