Fun Easy English Classroom November 11


Learn American
English standard
acronyms beginning
with letter K
American English Standard Acronyms - Letter K

Today in the classroom you are going to learn American English standard acronyms beginning with the letter K.
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American English Standard Acronyms - Letter K

American English standard acronyms. Use the Fun Easy English dictionary for a more detailed explanation of the meaning of each acronym.
Acronym Meaning
k/b Keyboard
K4Y Kiss For You
KAB Kick Ass Bitch
KAZ Kazakhstan
KB Keyboard
KB Kick Butt
KBD Keyboard
KC Keep Cool
KCCO Keep Calm & Carry On
KDFU Cracking Da Fuck Up
KEN Kenya
KEWL cool
KEYA key you later
KEYME Key me when you get in
KFY Kiss For You
KGZ Kyrgyzstan
KHYF Know How You Feel
KIA Killed In Action
KIA Know it all
Acronym Meaning
KIBO Knowledge In, Bullshit Out
KIPPERS Kids In Parents' Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings
KIR Kiribati
KIR Keep It Real
KISS Keep It Simple Stupid
KIT Keep In Touch
kitty pussy
KITY Keep It To Yourself
KK Kiss Kiss
KK Knock, knock
KK Okay Okay
KKK "over" as in, waiting for your reply
KMA Kiss My Ass
KMBA Kiss My Black Ass
KMFHA Kiss My Fat Hairy Ass
KMIM Keep Me In Mind
KMP Keep Me Posted
KMRIA Kiss My Royal Irish Arse
KMSLA Kiss My Shiny Little Ass
KMT Kiss my tush
KMUF Kiss Me You Fool
KMWA Kiss My White Ass
KNIM Know what I mean?
KNOW knowledge
KO Knocked Out
KOC Kiss on cheek
KOK Knock
KOL Kiss on lips
KOR South Korea
KOS Kid over shoulder
KOS Kill on sight
KOTC Kiss On The Cheek
KOTL Kiss On The Lips
KOW Knock on wood
KPC Keeping Parents Clueless
KS Kill Stealer
KS Kill then steal (online gaming)
KSA Saudi Arabia
kudt Dutch for fucked up life
KUTGW Keep Up The Good Work
KUW Kuwait
KWIM Know What I Mean?
KWSTA Kiss With Serious Tongue Action
KYBC Keep Your Bum Clean
KYFC Keep Your Fingers Crossed
KYNC Keep Your Nose Clean
KYPO Keep Your Pants On
KYSOTI Keep Your Stick On The Ice
From YOUR Teacher: American English Standard Acronyms

Internet slang (Internet shorthand, Cyber-slang, netspeak, chatspeak, or translexical phonological abbreviation) refers to a variety of slang languages used by different communities on the Internet. Many people use the same abbreviations in texting and instant messaging, and social networking websites like Facebook.
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