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Learn about
simple sentences
Simple Sentences

Today you are going to learn about simple sentences an important part of English grammar.
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Grammar: Simple Sentences

Definition of a simple sentence.
  • A simple sentence:
  • is the most basic type of sentence
  • contains only one independent clause
  • usually has a subject and a predicate, both of which may have modifiers
  • is the first type of sentence one learns to speak
  • can be as short as one word
  • is used the most in everyday speech
  • is used in writing as an effective way of emphasizing important points
Simple Sentence Examples
  • Eat.
  • She eats.
  • She eats quickly.
  • She eats her breakfast quickly.
  • Mio eats breakfast.
  • She goes to work.
  • Mio reads a book.
  • She listens to the radio.
Fun Easy English Grammar Lessons
From YOUR Teacher: Simple Sentences

This sentence type is the first students learn when beginning to study English. For example:

My name is Howie.
This is a pen.
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