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Learn about
dependent clauses
Dependent Clauses

Today you are going to learn about dependent clauses an important part of English grammar.
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Grammar: Dependent Clauses

Definition of a dependent clause.
Dependent Clause Examples
  • That the kid was making so much money bothered me.
  • noun clause: That the kid was making so much money (functions as a subject)
  • Her eyes were a shade of blue that reminded me of the sea.
  • adjective clause: that reminded me of the sea
  • I have a tendency to cry when I'm upset.
  • adverb clause: when I'm upset
  • My sister cried because she scraped her knee. (complex sentence)
  • subjects: My sister, she
  • predicates: cried, scraped her knee
  • subordinate conjunction: because
  • When they told me I won the contest, I cried, but I didn't faint. (compound-complex sentence)
  • subjects: they, I, I, I
  • predicates: told me, won the contest, cried, didn't faint
  • coordinate conjunction: but
  • The above sentence actually contains two dependent clauses. "When they told me" is one; the other is "(that) I won the contest." The "that" is understood to precede the "I won" and functions as a subordinate conjunction.
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From YOUR Teacher: Dependent Clauses

This is another really difficult concept in English grammar. Clauses can either be dependent or independent and knowing the difference can be difficult. Keep on studying and eventually you will understand and be able to use dependent clauses.
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