Slang - Letter N
American English Slang - Letter N

In this lesson you will learn American English slang beginning with the letter N. You will learn the definition and study the usage of each slang.
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Slang Definition Usage
nark drug police Watch out for the narks in the airport.
neat good That was a neat idea that you had.
negatives bad things There are too many negatives about the company merger.
nicked arrested The police nicked the shoplifter as he was leaving the store.
nip quick drink He took a nip out of the bottle.
no biggie not important He could not finish his homework but it is no biggie.
noid paranoid person Try not to be such a noid.
nuke heat it up in the microwave I'll nuke it for a few minutes.
nuke nuclear They're building another nuke power plant in the next town.
nuke destroy She really did not mean to nuke his report.
nut crazy person I think that he is a nut.
nut an enthusiastic person She is a nut about fashion.
nuts crazy You are completely nuts if you think I will go with you.
nuts testicles He got hit in the nuts during the game.