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Slang - Letter F
American English Slang - Letter F

In this lesson you will learn American English slang beginning with the letter F. You will learn the definition and study the usage of each slang.
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Slang Definition Usage
fab fabulous This restaurant is really fab.
fart expel intestinal gas I cannot believe you fart in front of your girlfriend.
fender-bender small car accident He had a fender-bender last night.
fix dose of drugs The addict needs another fix.
flaky unreliable He is too flaky to do the work.
flashback memory At the wedding he had a flashback of his old girlfriend.
flicks movies There's a couple of good flicks playing.
fox sexy woman His older sister is a fox.
foxy sexy She is a foxy lady.
freebie free The pillow was a freebie.
French kiss kiss using the tongue His girlfriend gave him a French kiss.
fries French fries I think that I am going to order some fries.
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I added this cool music player from VOA playing the top hits and world news. Learn slang listening to music and news. Music player opens in a small popup window.
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