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Slang - Letter G
American English Slang - Letter G

In this lesson you will learn American English slang beginning with the letter G. You will learn the definition and study the usage of each slang.
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Slang Definition Usage
G.E. general education Last semester some of my G.E. classes were pretty tough.
gee whiz Oh Gee whiz! Are we really going to go to go to Disneyland?
geek unattractive and unpopular person That guy over there is a geek.
get naked relax and have a good time I think that we should get naked tonight.
getup costume She wore a crazy getup to the party.
gig job I have a gig on Saturday night from 4:00 to 8:00.
glitch defect This computer program has a glitch.
glitzy fashionable This is a pretty glitzy hotel to be staying in.
go try Let me have a go at solving the problem.
go bananas go insane I am going to go bananas if I don't have a vacation soon.
going down happening What is going down?
gomer stupid person You are such a gomer.
goof fool He is really a goof at times.
goof mistake He made a really big goof at work.
goofed up made a mistake I really goofed up when I painted my room green.
goofy silly You are always acting goofy these days.
goof off waste time He seems to like to goof off at work.
goof off person who wastes time He is such a goof off at work.
gourd head Use your gourd to figure out what is happening.
grabbers hands You should wash your grabbers before you eat.
grand thousand dollars His salary is thirty grand.
grass marijuana Lots of students smoke grass in the dormitory.
gravy easy money This job is gravy.
groovy good This music is groovy.
gross disgusting Picking your nose is really a gross habit.
gross out awful time The party was a gross out.
grub food Where is the best place to get some grub around here?
grubby unclean and untidy Those clothes are too grubby to wear to the party.
grungy dirty That is a really grungy jacket.
gut stomach He got hit in the gut.
gut basic The gut issue is about what we are going to do now.
guts courage It takes a lot of guts to give the boss your true opinion.
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