Slang - Letter B
American English Slang - Letter B

In this lesson you will learn American English slang beginning with the letter B. You will learn the definition and study the usage of each slang.
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Slang Definition Usage
babe girl Look at the babe next to that tree over there.
babes girls We can check out the babes at the park.
baby boomer born in the 1950s or 1960s I think that she is a baby boomer.
bad good Wow, that movie was really bad.
ball great time We really had a ball at the party.
balls testicles He got hit in the balls during the game.
bang great time Going to Las Vegas is a real bang.
bang strong effect Japanese wasabi has a real bang.
barf vomit He had to barf because he drank too much alcohol.
barf-out disappointment That movie was a real barf-out.
bashed crushed The boat was bashed beyond recognition.
bazillion infinite number She can eat a bazillion cookies.
B-ball basketball After school, let's play some B-ball.
beans small amount of money I like this company but they pay beans.
beat exhausted After working all day I am really beat.
beemer BMW He just bought a new beemer to drive to work in.
bench not allowed to play He was benched during the basketball playoffs.
bent angry It's OK. Don't get so bent.
big guns powerful people The president brought two big guns to the meeting.
big mouth talk too much Shut up! You really have a big mouth.
big stink big issue The citizens made a big stink about the new nuclear power station.
biker motorcycle rider He decided to talk to the biker.
bitch mean and unpleasant woman I really don't like working with that bitch.
bitch complain She likes to bitch at every office meeting.
bitchy mean and unpleasant There is no reason for you to be bitchy every morning.
blade knife He carried a ten inch blade with him.
blimp fat person I always seem to have a blimp sitting next to me when I travel.
blow leave I'm going to blow now.
blew lost He blew all his money gambling.
bod body That girl has an incredible bod.
bomb bad The movie was a bomb.
bombed intoxicated The driver of the car was bombed.
bonkers insane I think I am going bonkers.
boo boo mistake If you make another boo boo like that, you won't have a job.
boob stupid person Your friend is such a boob.
boob tube television He spends the entire day watching the boob tube.
boobs breasts She has really large boobs.
booze alcohol I promised to bring two bottles of booze to the party.
boss great Your car is boss.
bread money I need some bread to pay for my car.
break opportunity A lucky break helped him get the job.
brew coffee Hey, let's go to the coffee shop and get a fresh cup of brew.
brew beer Give me another brew.
brewski beer Give me another brewski.
bucks dollars Do you have a few bucks that I can borrow?
bull lies That story is total bull.
bullshit lies That story is total bullshit.
BS lies That story is total BS.
bummed depressed I was really bummed after I heard the news.
bummer bad experience My trip to New York was a bummer.
buns buttocks That girl has incredible buns.
bushed really tired Every day after work she is really bushed.
bust failure The whole idea was a bust.
butt buttocks That girl has an incredible butt.