Slang - Letter H
American English Slang - Letter H

In this lesson you will learn American English slang beginning with the letter H. You will learn the definition and study the usage of each slang.
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Slang Definition Usage
hairy dangerous That was a hairy plane trip. I am glad the storm is over.
hammer car accelerator Put the hammer to the floor or we will be late for the wedding.
hang spend time I think that we should hang at the beach today.
hardware weapons The police were surprised by all the hardware the gang members had.
hassle inconvenience Registering for classes is a hassle.
head toilet I really need to use the head.
heave vomit He tried not to heave on the floor.
hep sensible She is really hep.
hickey kiss bite mark She came to school with a hickey on her neck.
high on drugs or alcohol The teenagers look like they are high to me.
hip fashionable He really tries to be hip.
hip shooter talking without thinking type of person He is such a hip shooter.
history someone in the past I don't even think about my old boyfriend. He's history.
hit popular Your proposal was a hit with the boss.
hit go to I'm going to hit the park tomorrow and do some hiking.
hit me lend me Can you hit me another ten dollars?
honcho boss The honcho says that we are going to have an office meeting.
hooker prostitute Her clothes make her look like a hooker.
horny sexually stimulated She said that he gets even more horny during spring.
hot popular She is really hot at the college.
hot sexy I think Halle Berry is really hot.
hot stolen The police stopped them because they thought the car was hot.
huffy angry I will do it soon so please don't get huffy.
hungry eager You need to be hungry to get ahead in the business.
hustle hurry If you don't hustle, we will be late again.
hyped excited The fans were all hyped for the football game.
hyper excited Try not to get hyper.
humungous really big American stores are humungous.