Portmanteau - Letter S
American English Standard Portmanteau  - Letter S

In this lesson you will learn American English standard portmanteau  beginning with the letter S.
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Portmanteau  - Letter S
Portmanteau Meaning
satisficing from satisfy and suffice
scanlation from scan and translation, used for unofficial internet-distributed translations of manga
schnoodle from schnauzer and poodle
seascape from sea and landscape
sexcapade from sex and escapade
sexercise from sex and exercise
sexpert from sex and expert (refers mainly to people who give advice about sex and sexual matters)
sexploitation from sex and exploitation
sexting from sex and texting
sharknado from shark and tornado
sharktopus from shark and octopus
shart from shit and fart
sheeple from sheep and people
shepherd from sheep and herd ("herder")
shockumentary from shock and documentary
showmance from show business and romance
simulcasting from simultaneous and broadcasting
sitcom from situational and comedy
skitching from skating and hitching
skort from skirt and short (as in short pants)
skullet from skull and mullet
skyjack from sky and hijack
slanguage from slang and language
slimsy from slim and flimsy
slithy from slimy and lithe (coined by Lewis Carroll)
slurve from slider and curve (baseball pitches)
smark from smart and mark
smirting from smoking and flirting
smog from smoke and fog
snark from snide and remark
snatiation from sneeze and satiation
snice from snow and ice
snowmageddon from snow and armageddon
soundscape from sound and landscape
SPAMasterpiece Theater from SPAM and Masterpiece Theater
spange from spare and change
Spanglish Spanish and English mixed up to humorous effect (cf. Chinglish, Franglais, Japanglish)
squitten from squirrel and kitten
stagflation from stagnation and inflation
starchitect from star and architect
statite from static and satellite
staycation from stay and vacation
surfactant from surface active agent
swapportunity from swap and opportunity, an opportunity to swap
swaption from swap and option
American English Standard Portmanteau Challenge - Letter S

Hey do you know any English portmanteau beginning with the letter S not listed on this page?

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