Portmanteau - Letter F
American English Standard Portmanteau  - Letter F

In this lesson you will learn American English standard portmanteau  beginning with the letter F.
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Portmanteau  - Letter F
Portmanteau Meaning
faction from fact and fiction
famicom from Family Computer
fantabulous from fantastic and fabulous
fanzine from fan and magazine
fatberg from fat and iceberg
femdom from female and dominance
feminazi from feminist and Nazi
femullet from female and mullet
Fleshlight from flashlight and flesh
flounder from flounce and blunder
fluidram from fluid and dram
Forex from foreign exchange
fortnight from fourteen nights
Franglais French and English mixed up to humorous effect (cf. Chinglish, Spanglish, Japanglish)
Frankenbite from Frankenstein and soundbite
Frankenhooker from Frankenstein and hooker
Frankenword from Frankenstein and word (an autological word for portmanteau)
fratire from fraternity and satire
Freakonomics from freak and economics
frenemy from friend and enemy
Friendsgiving from friends and Thanksgiving
Fringer from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
frolf from Frisbee and golf
funimation from fun and animation
funkadelic from funk and psychedelic
futurama from future and panorama
American English Standard Portmanteau Challenge - Letter F

Hey do you know any English portmanteau beginning with the letter F not listed on this page?

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