Portmanteau - Letter B
American English Standard Portmanteau  - Letter B

In this lesson you will learn American English standard portmanteau  beginning with the letter B.
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Portmanteau  - Letter B
Portmanteau Meaning
backronym from backwards and acronym
banjitar a combination musical instrument of a banjo and a guitar
banjolele a combination musical instrument of a banjo and a ukulele
banjolin a combination musical instrument of a banjo and a mandolin
bankster from banker and gangster
barcade from bar and arcade
beefalo from beef and buffalo
Bennifer from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
beurgeois from beur and bourgeois
bicurious from bisexual and curious
biopic from biography and picture
blaccent from black and accent – used by non-blacks who try to sound black
Blacula from black and Dracula
blaxploitation from black and exploitation
bleen from blue and green (coined by Nelson Goodman to illustrate Goodman's paradox; see grue)
bodacious from bold and audacious
Bollywood from Bombay and Hollywood
booboisie from boob and bourgeosie
Bootylicious from booty and delicious
botel from boat and hotel (i.e. Boat Hotel in SEA)
boxercise from boxing and exercise
brainiac from brain and maniac
Brangus from Brahman and Angus breeds of cattle
breathalyzer from breath and analyzer
Blexit from black and exit
Brangelina from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Brexit from Britain and exit (with regards to possibly leaving the EU)
Britcom from British and comedy
Britpop from British and pop music
bromance from brother and romance
brony from "bro" and pony – the fanbase for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Bruceploitation from Bruce Lee and exploitation
budtender from bud and bartender
bullycide from bullying and suicide
burkini from burka and bikini
American English Standard Portmanteau Challenge - Letter B

Hey do you know any English portmanteau beginning with the letter B not listed on this page?

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