Portmanteau - Letter G
American English Standard Portmanteau  - Letter G

In this lesson you will learn American English standard portmanteau  beginning with the letter G.
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Portmanteau  - Letter G
Portmanteau Meaning
gamestorming from games and brainstorming
galumphing from galloping and triumphant (coined by Lewis Carroll)
gaydar from gay and radar
geocache from geolocation and cache (also geocaching)
geolocation from geographic and location
Gerrymander from Elbridge Gerry and salamander
ginormous from gigantic and enormous
glamping from glamour and camping
glitterati from glitter and literati
glitz from glamor and ritz
Globish from global and English
greenwash from green and whitewash
geep from goat and sheep (progeny of)
goldendoodle from golden retriever and poodle ("doodle" in reference to the Labradoodle)
grue from green and blue (see bleen)
guesstimate from guess and estimate
guitalele from guitar and ukulele
Gunpla from Gundam plastic (model)
guyliner from guy and eyeliner, eyeliner for men
American English Standard Portmanteau Challenge - Letter G

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