Portmanteau - Letter P
American English Standard Portmanteau  - Letter P

In this lesson you will learn American English standard portmanteau  beginning with the letter P.
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Portmanteau  - Letter P
Portmanteau Meaning
palimony from pal and alimony
paratrooper from parachute and trooper
Pastafarian from pasta and Rastafarian; from Pastafarianism or The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
pegacorn from Pegasus and unicorn
pegasister from pegasus and sister
pekapoo from Pekinese and Poodle
pensieve from pensive and sieve
permafrost from permanent and frost
piranhaconda from piranha and anaconda
pleather from plastic and leather
Poglish from Polish and English
Pokémon from Pocket Monsters (original Japanese title)
policenauts from police and astronaut
pornograffitti from pornography and graffiti
posistor from positive and thermistor
prequel from pre- and sequel
prequiem from preemptive and requiem
presstitute from press and prostitute
prissy from prim and fussy (or sissy)
prosumer from either producer or professional and consumer
protoflight from prototype and flight (hardware)
psyops from psychological operations
puggle from Pug and Beagle
punny from pun and funny
American English Standard Portmanteau Challenge - Letter P

Hey do you know any English portmanteau beginning with the letter P not listed on this page?

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