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Words - Letter O
American English Vocabulary - Letter O

The words on this page came from the VOA, Voice of America, Special English Word Book. Use the Fun Easy English dictionary for a more detailed explanation of each word.
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Words - Letter O
  • obey - v. to act as one is ordered to act
  • object - v. to show that one does not like or approve; to protest; n. something not alive that can be seen or touched
  • observe - v. to watch; to look at carefully; to celebrate or honor something ("They will observe the anniversary of the day she was born.")
  • occupy - v. to take and hold or to control by force
  • ocean - n. the area of salt water that covers almost seventy-five percent of the earth's surface; any of the five main divisions of this water
  • of - prep. made from; belonging to; about; connected to; included among
  • off - ad. away; at a distance; condition when something is no longer operating or continuing; not on; not connected
  • offensive - n. a military campaign of attack; ad. having to do with attacking
  • offer - v. to present or propose; n. the act of presenting or proposing; that which is presented or proposed
  • office - n. a room or building where business or work is done; a public position to which one is elected or appointed
  • officer - n. a person in the military who commands others; any person who is a member of a police force
  • official - n. a person with power in an organization; a representative of an organization or government; ad. of or about an office; approved by the government or someone in power
  • often - ad. many times
  • oil - n. a thick liquid that does not mix with water and that burns easily; a black liquid taken from the ground and used as fuel
  • old - ad. not young or new; having lived or existed for many years
  • on - prep. above and held up by; touching the upper surface of ("The book is on the table."); supported by ("He is on his feet."); about ("The report on the meeting is ready."); at the time of ("He left on Wednesday.")
  • once - ad. one time only
  • only - ad. being the single one or ones; no more than ("We have only two dollars.")
  • open - v. to start ("They opened talks."); ad. not closed; not secret
  • operate - v. to do work or a job; to cut into the body for medical reasons
  • opinion - n. a belief based on one's own ideas and thinking
  • oppose - v. to be against; to fight against
  • opposite - ad. different as possible; completely different from; exactly the other way ("North is the opposite direction from south.")
  • oppress - v. to make others suffer; to control by the use of unjust and cruel force or power
  • or - conj. giving another of two choices; giving the last of several choices
  • orbit - v. to travel in space around a planet or other object; n. the path or way an object travels in space around another object or planet
  • order - v. to give a command; to tell someone what to do; n. a command; the correct or normal way things are organized; a peaceful situation in which people obey laws
  • organize - v. to put in order; to put together into a system
  • other - ad. different; of another kind; the remaining one or ones of two or more ("That man is short; the other is tall.")
  • our - ad. of or belonging to us
  • oust - v. to force to leave; to remove by force
  • out - ad. away from the inside; opposite of in
  • over - conj. above; covering; across, in or on every part of ("all over the world")
  • overthrow - v. to remove from power; to defeat or end by force
  • owe - v. to pay or have to repay (usually money) in return for something received
  • own - v. to have or possess for oneself
News Words - Letter O

The videos on this page came from the VOA, Voice of America, News Words program. Use the Fun Easy English dictionary for a detailed explanation of words you do not understand.
VOA Learning English Programs

Learning English is VOA’s multimedia source of news and information for millions of English learners worldwide. Their audio programs and captioned videos are written using vocabulary at the intermediate and upper-beginner level. Their programs are read one-third slower than normal English speed. Online texts, MP3s and podcasts let people read, listen and learn American English and much more.

Voice of America Learning English
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