Words - Letter M
American English Vocabulary - Letter M

The words on this page came from the VOA, Voice of America, Special English Word Book. Use the Fun Easy English dictionary for a more detailed explanation of each word.
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Words - Letter M
  • machine - n. a device with moving parts used to do work
  • magazine - n. a publication of news, stories, pictures or other information
  • mail - n. letters, papers and other things sent through an official system, such as a post office
  • main - ad. the most important or largest
  • major - ad. great in size, importance or amount
  • majority - n. the greater number; more than half
  • make - v. to produce; to create; to build; to do something or to carry out an action; to cause to be or to become
  • male - n. a man or boy; the sex that is the father of children; ad. of or about men
  • man - n. an adult male human
  • manufacture - v. to make goods in large amounts
  • many - ad. a large number or amount of
  • map - n. a picture of the earth's surface or a part of it
  • march - v. to walk in a group like soldiers; to walk together in a large group to protest about something
  • mark - v. to make a sign or cut on something
  • market - n. a place or area where goods are sold, bought or traded; an economic system in which the prices of things are decided by how many there are and how much money people are willing to pay for them
  • marry - v. to join a man and woman together as husband and wife; to become husband and wife (usually in a religious or civil ceremony)
  • mass - n. an amount of matter having no special form and usually of a large size
  • mate - v. to bring together a male and a female to create another creature
  • material - n. the substance, substances or matter of which something is made or from which something can be made, such as wood, cloth or stone; anything that can be made into something else
  • mathematics - n. the science dealing with amounts, sizes and shapes, as explained by numbers and signs
  • matter - n. anything that can be seen or felt; what things are made of
  • may - v. a word used with an action word to mean permit or possible ("May I go?" "They may leave tomorrow.")
  • mayor - n. the chief official of a city or town government
  • meal - n. food eaten to satisfy hunger, such as dinner
  • mean - v. to want to; to give the idea of; to have the idea of
  • measure - v. to learn the amount, size or distance of something; n. an action taken; a legislative proposal
  • meat - n. the part of a dead animal used for food
  • media - n. all public information organizations, including newspapers, television and radio
  • medicine - n. a substance or drug used to treat disease or pain; the science or study of treating and curing disease or improving health
  • meet - v. to come together with someone or something at the same time and place
  • melt - v. to make a solid into a liquid by heating it
  • member - n. one of a group
  • memorial - n. something done or made to honor the memory of a person or event
  • memory - n. a picture in the mind of past events; the ability to remember; a thing remembered
  • mental - ad. about or having to do with the mind
  • message - n. written or spoken news or information; a note from one person to another person or group
  • metal - n. a hard substance such as iron, steel or gold
  • method - n. the way something is done
  • microscope - n. a device used to make very small things look larger so they can be studied
  • middle - n. the center; a place or time of equal distance from both sides or ends; ad. in the center
  • militant - n. someone active in trying to cause political change, often by the use of force or violence
  • military - n. the armed forces of a nation or group; ad. of or about the armed forces
  • militia - n. an army of citizens instead of professional soldiers; an armed force or private army
  • milk - n. the white liquid produced by female animals to feed their young
  • mind - n. the thinking, feeling part of a person
  • mine - v. to dig useful or valuable substances out of the earth; n. a place in the earth where such substances are found; a bomb placed under the ground or under water so it cannot be seen
  • mineral - n. a substance found in nature that is not an animal or a plant, such as coal or salt
  • minister - n. a member of a cabinet; a high government official ("prime minister,"foreign minister")
  • minor - ad. small in size; of little importance
  • minority - n. the smaller number; opposite majority
  • minute - n. a measure of time; one of the sixty equal parts of an hour; sixty seconds
  • miss - v. to fail to hit, see, reach or meet
  • missile - n. any weapon that can be thrown or fired through the air and explodes when it reaches its target
  • missing - ad. lost; not found
  • mistake - n. a wrong action or decision; an action done without the knowledge that it was wrong
  • mix - v. to put different things together to make one thing
  • mob - n. a large group of wild or angry people
  • model - n. an example; something, usually small, made to show how something will look or work
  • moderate - ad. not extreme
  • modern - ad. of the present or very recent time; the most improved
  • money - n. pieces of metal or paper used to pay for things
  • month - n. one of the twelve periods of time into which a year is divided
  • moon - n. the bright object often seen in the night sky that orbits the earth about every twenty-nine days
  • moral - ad. concerning what is right or wrong in someone's actions
  • more - ad. greater in size or amount
  • morning - n. the early part of the day, from sunrise until noon
  • most - ad. greatest in size or amount
  • mother - n. the female parent; a woman who has a child or children
  • motion - n. a movement; a continuing change of position or place
  • mountain - n. a part of the earth's surface that rises high above the area around it
  • mourn - v. to express or feel sadness
  • move - v. to change position; to put or keep in motion; to go
  • movement - n. the act of moving or a way of moving; a series of acts or efforts to reach a goal
  • movie - n. a motion picture; a film
  • much - ad. great in amount
  • murder - v. to kill another person illegally; n. the crime of killing another person
  • music - n. the making of sounds by singing or using a musical instrument
  • must - v. a word used with an action word to mean necessary ("You must go to school.")
  • mystery - n. something that is not or cannot be explained or understood; a secret
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