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Words - Letter B
American English Vocabulary - Letter B

The words on this page came from the VOA, Voice of America, Special English Word Book. Use the Fun Easy English dictionary for a more detailed explanation of each word.
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Words - Letter B
  • baby - n. a newly born creature
  • back - n. the part behind the front; ad. the other way from forward
  • bad - ad. wrong; acting against the law; not good
  • balance - v. to make two sides or forces equal
  • ball - n. something round
  • balloon - n. a device of strong, light material that rises when filled with gas lighter than air
  • ballot - n. a piece of paper used for voting
  • ban - v. to not permit; to stop; n. an official restriction
  • bank - n. an organization that keeps and lends money
  • bar - v. to prevent or block
  • barrier - n. anything that blocks or makes an action difficult
  • base - n. a military center; v. to establish as a fact ("Her research was based on experiments.")
  • battle - n. a fight between opposing armed forces
  • be - v. to live; to happen; to exist
  • beat - v. to hit again and again
  • beauty - n. that which pleases the eye, ear or spirit
  • because - prep. for the reason that ("He left because he was sick.")
  • become - v. to come to be
  • bed - n. a sleeping place
  • before - prep. earlier
  • begin - v. to do the first part of an action; to start
  • behavior - n. the way in which a person or animal acts ("The child’s behavior was bad because he fought with other children.")
  • behind - ad. at the back of; in back of
  • believe - v. to think; to feel sure of; to accept as true; to trust
  • belong - v. to be owned by; to be a member of
  • below - ad. lower than
  • best - ad. the most good
  • betray - v. to turn against; to be false to
  • better - ad. more good than
  • between - ad. in the space or time that separates; from one to the other ("talks between two nations")
  • big - ad. of great size; not small
  • bill - n. a legislative proposal
  • biology - n. the scientific study of life or living things in all their forms
  • bird - n. a creature that flies
  • bite - v. to cut with the teeth
  • black - ad. dark; having the color like that of the night sky
  • blame - v. to accuse; to hold responsible
  • bleed - v. to lose blood
  • blind - ad. not able to see
  • block - v. to stop something from being done; to prevent movement
  • blood - n. red fluid in the body
  • blow - v. to move with force, as in air ("The wind blows.")
  • blue - ad. having the color like that of a clear sky
  • boat - n. something built to travel on water that carries people or goods
  • body - n. all of a person or animal; the remains of a person or animal
  • boil - v. to heat a liquid until it becomes very hot
  • bomb - n. a device that explodes with great force; v. to attack or destroy with bombs
  • bone - n. the hard material in the body
  • book - n. a long written work for reading
  • border - n. a dividing line between nations
  • born - v. to come to life; to come into existence
  • borrow - v. to take as a loan
  • both - ad. not just one of two, but the two together
  • bottle - n. a container, usually made of glass, to hold liquid
  • bottom - ad. the lowest part of something
  • box - n. something to put things into; a container, usually made of paper or wood
  • boy - n. a young male person
  • boycott - v. to refuse to take part in or deal with
  • brain - n. the control center of thought, emotions and body activity of all creatures
  • brave - ad. having no fear
  • bread - n. a food made from grain
  • break - v. to divide into parts by force; to destroy
  • breathe - v. to take air into the body and let it out again
  • bridge - n. a structure built over a waterway, valley or road so people and vehicles can cross from one side to the other
  • brief - ad. short; not long
  • bright - ad. giving much light; strong and clear in color
  • bring - v. to come with something
  • broadcast - v. to send information, stories or music by radio or television; n. a radio or television program
  • brother - n. a male with the same father or mother as another person
  • brown - ad. having the color like that of coffee
  • budget - n. a spending plan
  • build - v. to join materials together to make something
  • building - n. anything built for use as a house, factory, office, school, store or place of entertainment
  • bullet - n. a small piece of metal shot from a gun
  • burn - v. to be on fire; to destroy or damage by fire
  • burst - v. to break open suddenly
  • bury - v. to put into the ground and cover with earth
  • bus - n. a public vehicle to carry people
  • business - n. one's work; buying and selling to earn money; trade
  • busy - ad. doing something; very active
  • but - conj. however; other than; yet
  • buy - v. to get by paying something, usually money
  • by - conj. near; at; next to ("by the road"); from ("a play by William Shakespeare"); not later than ("by midnight")
News Words - Letter B

The videos on this page came from the VOA, Voice of America, News Words program. Use the Fun Easy English dictionary for a detailed explanation of words you do not understand.
Birthright Citizenship
VOA Learning English Programs

Learning English is VOA’s multimedia source of news and information for millions of English learners worldwide. Their audio programs and captioned videos are written using vocabulary at the intermediate and upper-beginner level. Their programs are read one-third slower than normal English speed. Online texts, MP3s and podcasts let people read, listen and learn American English and much more.

Voice of America Learning English
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