Society and Culture in the U.S.
Society and Culture in the U.S.

American society is enormously diverse and complex and cannot be reduced only to a few stories or stereotypes. Important differences exist between geographical regions, between rural and urban areas, and between social classes.

In addition, the presence of millions of immigrants who came to the United States from all corners of the world with their own culture and values adds even more variety and flavor to American life.
  • Americans - You certainly have heard stories, good or bad, about American people.
  • Eating - Restaurants in the United States range from inexpensive "fast-food" to very expensive restaurants.
  • Shopping - Shopping is one of America's favorite pastimes.
  • Social Customs - Some students might find it initially difficult to understand the way Americans behave.
  • Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment - The United States offers limitless opportunities for sports, recreation, and entertainment.
  • Religion and Religious Freedom - America is one of, if not the, most religiously diverse country in the world.