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Religion and Religious Freedom
Religion and Religious Freedom

The Bill of Rights in the United States begins with the words, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The First Amendment guarantees the free exercise of religion on American soil and prohibits the United States government from infringing upon the freedom of religion.
Religious Diversity

America is one of, if not the, most religiously diverse country in the world. Wide varieties of religious traditions can be found in any large American city as well as in smaller towns that host a college or university. There is a single small section of Washington, D.C. that boasts a Cambodian Buddhist temple, a Muslim Community Center, a Ukrainian Orthodox Church, a Gujarati Hindu temple, a Jain temple, and many Roman Catholic and Protestant churches. Even in cities like Minneapolis where 34% of the people are Lutheran, there exists a thriving East Asian population of 80,000 people that has established Islamic Centers, Baha’i communities, and Hindu and Jain temples.

The citizens of the United States take religious freedom very seriously. Americans also take the religious freedom of other people very seriously. As visitors to the United States, the right of international students to practice their home religions cannot be revoked.
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