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Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment
Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment

The United States offers limitless opportunities for sports, recreation, and entertainment. Cities large and small offer numerous indoor and outdoor opportunities. Almost every city or town in the United States with college and university students will likely offer those students ways to kick back, run around, and have a good time.
Sports and activities

Sports make up a considerable portion of the United States economy and culture. People can be found anywhere in the United States who are interested in participating in almost any sport. The most popular sports in the United States are arguably baseball, American football, basketball, and hockey. Football (called soccer in the United States) is very popular in secondary schools, colleges, and universities, but is still in the process of becoming a popular professional sport. Rugby and cricket are also popular intramural collegiate sports.

Recreation and Entertainment

Students less interested in competitive sports are certainly not left without entertainment. The United States claims the most successful cinema industry in the world, and if a town or city has a college or university, then it likely has a movie theater. Movie tickets usually cost between USD2 and USD15, depending on where you are in the country and how long the movie has been released.

Most colleges and universities arrange a great deal of on-campus programming for their students' enjoyment. Comedians, musical groups, theater troupes, guest lecturers, actors, actresses, writers, poets, playwrights, stunt teams, and even traveling massage therapy clinics are regular guests at American institutions of higher learning.

An Active Social Life

American institutions of higher learning have high expectations for their students. However, college and university faculty realize that students need to take a break from studying and enjoy themselves, as well. Students at American colleges and universities can engage in any number of competitive and intramural sports through their universities, play at a local gym or park, organize their own sports leagues, or enjoy the local community and surroundings. The myriad opportunities for sports, recreation, and entertainment mean students are never without "something to do" and can engage in an active and vital social life with friends and peers.
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