Conversation Lesson 10
Lesson 10 - Come Over to My Place

In this lesson Ashley is visiting Anna. She calls to find out how to go to Anna's apartment. Ashley learns about Anna's neighborhood.
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Lesson Video

Watch the video and then do the activities on this page.
Video Script

Anna: Hi Ashley!
Ashley: Hi Anna! I’m coming to your apartment. Where is your apartment?
Anna: My apartment is near the Columbia Heights Metro.
Ashley: It is near the Columbia Heights Metro?
Anna: Yes. Exit the Metro and turn right. Then at the bus station turn left. Then walk straight ahead.
Ashley: Okay. Exit Metro, turn right, turn left, then go straight ahead?
Anna: Yes. My apartment is near a coffee shop.
Ashley: Okay. See you soon!
Anna: Hi, Ashley.
Ashley: Anna, Which coffee shop? There are three coffee shops.
Anna: Okay, my apartment is across from a big department store.
Ashley: A big department store? Ah, I see it!
Anna: Okay! Bye, Ashley. See you soon!
Ashley: Okay. See you soon.
Anna: Ashley! Ashley! Ashley! Over here! It’s Anna! It’s Anna! Hi!
Anna: I love having my friends over. Come on!
Ashley: Great!

Now practice listening to only the audio portion of the conversation.

In this video, learn to say the new words. Learn to give directions to a place.

In this video, you learn what it means when Americans make their voice go up after a sentence.
New Words
  • ahead - adv. to or toward the place where someone is going
  • bus - n. a large vehicle that is used for carrying passengers especially along a particular route at particular times
  • coffee shop - n. a small restaurant that serves coffee and other drinks as well as simple foods
  • department store - n. a large store that has separate areas in which different kinds of products are sold
  • exit - v. to go out of a place
  • left - adj. located on the same side of your body as your heart
    adv. to or toward the left
  • Metro - n. an underground railway system in some cities (also called subway)
  • right - adj. located on the side of your body that is away from your heart
  • station - n. place where buses, trains, etc., regularly stop so that passengers can get on and off
  • straight - adv. in a straight or direct way
  • then - adv. used to indicate what happened or happens next
  • turn - v. to cause your body or a part of your body to face a different direction
  • walk - v. to move with your legs at a speed that is slower than running

How do you tell someone how to find your school? Or where you work? Try writing directions to a place near you. Do the activity and give us directions in the Facebook Comments section below. Then practice with a friend. Click lesson activity to get the printable PDF version. The page opens to a new window.
Source: Voice of America
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