The Lighter Side
The Lighter Side

The Lighter Side is a collection of activities and a recurring feature section in English Teaching Forum. The text includes word games, crossword puzzles, idioms, limericks, jokes, riddles, and international folk tales. Each activity is self-contained for easy duplication.
The Lighter Side
  • The Lighter Side: Alphabet Connect - 1 page - This activity, called “Alphabet Connect,” aims to help vocabulary skills. It asks students to connect the letters of the alphabet to create the name of animal that lives in forests of Southeast Asia and Africa. It thus uses integrated skills to learn about animals in other countries.
  • The Lighter Side: Three Pragmatics Puzzles - 2 pages - Three pragmatics puzzles.
  • The Lighter Side: What's Missing? - 2 pages - This fill-in the blank worksheet list activities that might be part of an English Club meeting.
  • The Lighter Side: "Fish Tanks" - 2 pages - In these two puzzles, readers use clues and logic to place fish in the appropriate tanks.
  • The Lighter Side: Football Transformers - 2 pages - This issue's The Lighter Side introduces a word game with a football related theme.
  • The Lighter Side: "Animal Sounds" - 2 pages - This puzzle invites students to make use of animal vocabulary and use letter clues to create words for the sounds that animals make.
  • The Lighter Side: Debate Dialogue - 2 pages - This puzzle is a Debate Dialogue with words missing from arguments and counterarguments on the topic, “Mobile technology is more helpful than harmful.”
  • The Lighter Side: Speak and Spell - 2 pages - This puzzle, “Speak and Spell,” is an exercise in homophones, or words that are spelled differently but pronounced the same.
  • The Lighter Side: You’re Not Listening! - 1 page - The Lighter Side activities related to listening in the classroom.
  • The Lighter Side: Debate Vocabulary - 2 pages - Enjoy these two puzzles related to the topic of debates. One puzzle gives "For" and "Against" statements with blanks that must be filled in. The second puzzle, available only online, is a crossword that features vocabulary commonly used in debates.
  • The Lighter Side: Small Talk - 2 pages - “Small talk” refers to short, friendly conversations about topics that are not serious.
  • The Lighter Side: A Maps Mind Map - 2 pages - The Lighter Side features an English language–based puzzle that can be photocopied and given to students to solve individually or collaboratively.
  • The Lighter Side: "A Script by the Numbers" - 2 pages - In this puzzle, use numbers to fill in blanks in a short script.
  • The Lighter Side: The Write Stuff - 2 pages - Do you like puzzles and words? Then check out this English Teaching Forum crossword puzzle.
  • The Lighter Side: Silent Letters - 2 pages - “Silent Letters” expands on the silent “K” in knitting, giving students practice with silent letters. The activity requires students to fill in missing words from a dialogue on the topic of knitting. Some letters of the missing words are provided.
  • The Lighter Side: A Jumble Garden Activity - 2 pages - This activity, called Jumble Garden, requires students to unscramble letters to make words. The definitions of the 14 scrambled words are provided to aid the students in unscrambling the letters.
The Lighter Side
The Lighter Side
  • The Lighter Side: "Shop Talk" - 2 pages - This puzzle asks questions about various parts of motorcycles; the answer to each question is then written in a grid.
  • The Lighter Side: Rock the Boat - 2 pages - This puzzle requires unscrambling the names of various boats and using designated letters to solve a riddle.
  • The Lighter Side: "Bird Logic" - 2 pages - This puzzle invites users to compare bird facts and use logic to determine the secret numbers assigned to ten birds.
  • The Lighter Side: "Dog Tricks" - 2 pages - In this puzzle, readers use clues to fill in commands that someone might give to a dog.
  • The Lighter Side: Place Out of Words - 2 pages - In this puzzle, culture-based questions are given, but some words appear where they should not; your job is to move the words around so that the questions make sense.
  • The Lighter Side: Word Sudoku - 2 pages - In this puzzle, you complete Word Sudoku puzzles by using letters, not numbers, and spelling a target word.
  • The Lighter Side: Fishy Fun - 2 pages - There are two games. The first has five tongue twisters, each word missing a letter which the student must complete. The second game is a matching game, but the words are missing letters which the student must fill in before he/she completes the match. The games help with vocabulary and spelling.
  • The Lighter Side: Stage Directions - 2 pages - Stage directions describe characters’ emotions or actions; they help actors interpret scripts.
  • The Lighter Side: Classroom Clues - 2 pages - Unscramble these words to spell verbs and verb phrases.