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Acronyms - Miscellaneous
American English Standard Acronyms - Miscellaneous

In this lesson you will learn American English standard acronyms beginning with numbers and symbols.
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Acronym Meaning
 "A" Text Message & Chat Abbreviations
! I have a comment
*$ Starbucks
**// wink wink, nudge nudge
*s* smile
*w* wink
,!!!! Talk to the hand
.02 Your (or my) two cents worth
10Q Thank you
10X Thanks
1174 Nude club
121 One to One
1337 Elite
14 Refers to the fourteen words
143 I love you
1432 I Love You Too
14AA41 One for All and All for One
182 I hate you
187 murder/ homicide
19 Zero hand (online gaming)
Acronym Meaning
190 Hand
1CE Once
1daful Wonderful
1DR Wonder
1NAM One In A Million
1TG, 2TG Number of balls needed for win (online gaming)
2 to
2 too
2 two
20 Location
24/7 Twenty Four Seven, as in all the time
2b To be
2B or not 2B To Be Or Not To Be
2b@ To Be At
2BZ4UQT Too Busy For You Cutey
2B~not2B To be or not to be
2d4 To die for
2day Today
2DLoo Toodle oo
2EZ Too Easy
2G2B4G Too Good To Be Forgotten
2G2BT Too Good To Be True
2M2H Too Much Too Handle
2MI Too Much Information
2MOR Tomorrow
2moro Tomorrow
2nite Tonight
2NTE Tonight
2QT Too Cute
2U2 To You Too
303 Mom
4 For
4 Four
404 I haven't a clue, I don't know
411 Information
420 Lets get high
420 Marijuana
459 I love you
4AO For Adults Only
4COL For Crying Out Loud
4e Forever
4EAE Forever And Ever
4eva Forever
4ever Forever
4NR Foreigner
4Q Fuck You
511 Too much information
53X Sex
555 Sobbing, crying. (Mandarin Chinese)
55555 Crying your eyes out (Mandarin Chinese)
55555 Laughing (Thai)
5FS 5 Finger Salute
6Y Sexy
747 Let's Fly
7K Sick
8it ate
8it oral sex
81 Hells Angels
831 I Love You
86 kicked out
86 Out of
86 over
86 to get rid of
88 Hugs and kisses
88 Bye-bye (Mandarin Chinese)
8t it
9 Parent is watching
99 Parent is no longer watching
;S What did you say?
::poof:: I'm gone
<3 it's a heart
? I have a question
? I don't understand what you mean
?^ Hook up?
?4U I have a question for you
@ at
@+ French equivalent of CUL8R
@TEOTD At The End Of The Day
\M/ Heavy Metal Music
^^ read line
^^ message above
^5 High Five
^RUP^ Read Up Please
^URS Up Yours
American English Standard Acronym Challenge - Numbers and Symbols

Hey do you know any English acronyms used in texting, instant messaging, and social networking websites beginning with numbers and symbols not listed on this page?

Then leave a comment below and add your acronyms to Fun Easy English.

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