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Acronyms - Letter J
American English Standard Acronyms - Letter J

In this lesson you will learn American English standard acronyms beginning with the letter J.
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Acronym Meaning
J/C Just Checking
J/J Just Joking
J/K Just Kidding
J/O Jerking Off
J/P Just Playing
J/T Just teasing
J/W Just Wondering
j00 You
j00r Your
J2LYK Just To Let You Know
J4F Just For Fun
J4G Just For Grins
J4T Just For Today
J5M Just Five Minutes
JAC Just a second
JAD Just Another Day
JAFO Just Another Fucking Onlooker
JAFS Just A Fucking Salesman
JAM Jamaica
JAM Just A Minute
Acronym Meaning
JAS Just A Second
JAX Jacksonville International Airport
JC Jesus Christ
JC Just checking
JC Just Chilling
JC Just Curious
JDI Just Do It
JDMJ Just Doing My Job
Jealz Jealous
JEOMK Just Ejaculated On My Keyboard
JFF Just for fun
JFGI Just fucking Google it
JFH Just Fuck Her
JFI Just For Information
JFK John F. Kennedy International Airport
JFT Just For Today
JGMB Just Google Me Bitch
JHO Just Helping Out
JHOM Just Helping out My (Mafia, Mob, Neighbors, etc.)
JHOMF Just Helping Out My Friend(s)
JIC Just In Case
JJ Just joking
JJA Just joking around
JK Just Kidding
JLMK Just let me know
JM2C Just My 2 Cents
JMO Just My Opinion
JOML Jesus On the Main Line
JOOTT Just One Of Those Things
JOR Jordan
JP Jackpot (online gaming, bingo games)
JP Just Playing
JPN Japan
JSU Just Shut Up
JSYK Just So You Know
JT Just Teasing
JTLYK Just To Let You Know
JTOL Just Thinking Out Loud
JTOU Just Thinking Of You
JUADLAM Jumping Up And Down Like A Monkey
JV Joint venture
JW Just Wondering
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