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Beginning Your U.S. Education
Beginning Your U.S. Education

The first few days at your U.S. college or university can be a truly exciting time. There will be many new students on campus like you, all dealing with feelings of anticipation mixed with a certain amount of worry regarding how the first few months of study will go. During those first days, you may find yourself very busy getting organized and settling in.

Despite the excitement, it is not at all unusual for students to feel a certain degree of loneliness, homesickness, or anxiety during their first year.
  • First Days at the University - The first few days at your U.S. college or university can be a truly exciting time.
  • Campus and Department Orientation - Orientation programs for new students are offered at virtually every college and university.
  • The Academic Advisor - When you enter a university or college, you will usually be assigned an academic adviser.
  • The Academic Year - For most colleges and universities, the academic year begins in late August or early September.
  • The Academic Program - Undergraduate programs are designed to give students a fairly broad educational background.
  • Course Registration - Registration procedures are different at each educational institution.
  • Professors - The social code of behavior between students and professors is not as precisely defined in the United States.
  • The Honor Code - Most colleges and universities in the United States have established honor codes or statements of rules.
  • Study Skills - It is common for students to think that they already know how to be a successful student.
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