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Course Registration
Course Registration

Registration procedures are different at each educational institution. Exact procedures will be outlined in orientation sessions or in orientation materials given to you. If you do not understand these procedures, ask your academic department or program for clarification and help. Actual course registration may be managed on-line via computer, by phone, or by visiting an office or general registration area.

Plan your schedule early. It may take a great deal of thinking, consulting, arranging, and rearranging. It is a good idea to have two or three possible schedules written out by registration day. Having more than one schedule is helpful if some courses you want are "closed," that is, filled by the maximum number of students.

During the registration period, you will probably need to complete payment arrangements for the semester, obtain your university identification (ID) card, and submit any health or medical forms. Some schools will require that all tuition and fees be paid at the beginning of each semester, others may let you pay in installments. Contact the college or university bursar's office for information on these procedures.
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