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Idioms - Letter Y
American English Idioms - Letter Y

In this lesson you will learn American English idioms beginning with the letter Y. You will learn the definition and study the usage of each idiom.
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Idiom Definition Usage
year-round the entire year without closing The supermarket is now open year-round.
yellow-bellied cowardly He is a yellow-bellied person.
YELLOW {HAVE A YELLOW STREAK} cowardly 1. Peter isn’t brave enough to stand up and fight. He’s yellow.

2. I bought this big dog for protection from burglars, but he’s a coward. He has a yellow streak a mile long.
YELLOW JOURNALISM journalism that is exaggerated or unnecessarily sensational 1. Some of the newspapers that are for sale at the checkout counter of the supermarket have headlines that are sensational as well as untrue. They are an example of yellow journalism.

2. Some newspaper reporters resort to yellow journalism to sell more copies of their newspapers. They unnecessarily report the shocking details of events such as murders just to get headlines that catch the eye.
you bet Of course You bet I am angry with you.
you bet your boots Of course You bet your boots I am angry with you.
you bet your life Of course You bet your life I am angry with you.
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