American Teens Talk
Americans Teens Talk

American Teens Talk! - 72 pages - Americans Teens Talk! is a collection of interviews of American high school students. Each interview is accompanied by vocabulary notes and discussion questions. The interviews in American Teens Talk! give learners a view into the lives of adolescents in the U.S. Through the written format of the interviews, learners are able to increase their vocabulary, practice their reading and listening skills, engage in discussions, and learn more about U.S. culture.
  • Introduction - 6 pages - This section includes a table of contents and an introduction to the project that culminated in this resource.
  • Possible Activities - 5 pages - This section of American Teens Talk! offers a variety of ways to use the text and audio with English language learners in the classroom.
Americans Teens Talk
Audio Note:
The following interviews contain audio programs.

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2. Then click the play button on the audio player to listen to the audio version
Meet Bianca - 2 pages - In this interview, Bianca talks about philanthropy, family traditions, and her passions for Spanish, history, and business.
Meet Max - 2 pages - Max plays piano and bass guitar. Read and listen to Max talk about his school orchestra's trip to Georgia, and what he does on a typical school day.
Meet Sol - 2 pages - Read about Sol’s many extracurricular activities, including Science Olympiad, a school club that prepares for a science competition.
Meet Michael - 2 pages - In this interview, Michael talks about playing sports with his friends, fishing, and living in Switzerland.
Meet Trevor - 2 pages - In this interview, Trevor talks taking a class trip that included going to a museum to learn about the pirate Blackbird.
Meet Alex - 2 pages - Alex discusses her family’s Thanksgiving celebration and the traditional foods they eat on Thanksgiving Day.
Meet Bella - 2 pages - Bella talks about being a part of glee (a group of students who sing and dance to songs) at her school.
Meet Blake - 2 pages - In this interview, Blake talks about studying for exams, singing in choir, and his grandmother.
Meet Amy - 2 pages - Amy talks about school, her family’s Christmas tradition, and having a sleepover for her birthday.
Meet Gordon - 2 pages - In this interview, Gordon talks about music – both an orchestra he saw recently and the instruments he plays.
Americans Teens Talk
Meet Jacob - 2 pages - In this interview, Jacob talks studying for final exams and his plans for university and graduate school.
Meet Jasmine - 2 pages - Jasmine talks about her dance class in school and what she does in her free time.
Meet Kyle - 2 pages - Kyle talks about playing baseball, his 14th birthday, and summer camping trips.
Meet Sue - 2 pages - American teenagers can have hectic schedules. In this Teens Talk interview, Sue talks about balancing playing basketball and volleyball with her schoolwork.
Meet Four Friends - 2 pages - In this interview, four friends talk about what they do in their free time and on the weekends, as well as their part-time jobs.
Meet Gabriela - 2 pages - Gabriela is a university student and discusses her major, her classes, and her family.
Meet Andrew - 2 pages - Andrew talks about family time doing reenactments, playing in the marching band, and his dog.
Meet Nichole - 2 pages - In this interview, Nichole talks about her week at high school and her plans to study photography in college.
Meet Casey - 2 pages - Casey goes to school at home, and she talks about being home schooled in this interview.
Meet Aidan - 2 pages - Aidan talks about his father as well as trying to find a part-time job.
Americans Teens Talk
Meet Lilac - 2 pages - In this interview, Lilac talks about her part-time job, being on the swim team, and buying a car.
Meet Brian - 2 pages - In this interview, Brian talks about his new baby brother, being bilingual, and plans for summer vacation.
Meet Caroline - 2 pages - Caroline talks about being grounded and volunteering with her family.
Meet Caleb - 2 pages - Caleb talks about his school trip to Disney World.
Meet Landry - 2 pages - In this interview, Landry discusses learning to drive a car to get a driver’s license.
Meet Walker - 2 pages - In this interview, Walker talks about volunteering, Boy Scouts, and being on his high school swim team.
Meet Hannah - 2 pages - Hannah talks about working at a retirement community and a Japanese restaurant, being on the track team, and volunteering.
Meet James - 2 pages - In this interview, James talks about his classes at school, his family, and his plans for college.
Meet Hunter - 2 pages - Hunter plays the drums and ukulele, and in this interview, he talks about music and going to Puerto Rico.
Meet Haley - 2 pages - Haley is on the school swim team and also coaches a swim team. She talks about her busy schedule in this interview.